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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao
What: Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU
Chapter 11
Story: You were his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Tao's POV
Tao had gripped Ok's wrist so tight he was probably close to breaking it. He pushed her into an empty room and locked the door after Y/N left. She looked so upset, she looked so shocked. How could someone do that to another human being, to be jealous was one thing but to completely destroy her image like that. To have the press make a big deal out of it, his father would let her go or give her the option to quit. He was all about not having bad press. Ok rubbed her wrist as Tao stared back in fury at her,
"You're going to fix this now. You're going to tell everyone including my father those photos are faked." Tao said.
"Oh really and if I don't?" she smiled.
"The hell I put you through won't even compare to what you've done to her. "
"That's a cute little threat Tao but you're too nice to do something like that."
She tried to walk past him and he pushed her hard back into the desk. He was never one to really put his hands on a lady. He thought women deserved more respect than that but damn she made him want to rip her apart and not in a fun way. She could bring out the worst in people, she could make them become something they never believed they could become. She was doing that to him right now. She had told him that she had Gi sleep with Chanyeol and Y/N saw it all. She knew she saw it, she planned it; she planned this all to get back at him and her. She hated that he loved Y/N, he loved her so much that when Y/N told him that she liked him and that's why she couldn't keep talking to him over the chat anymore, he broke up with Ok not twenty-four hours later. The reality set in that they would never be together if he was with her and someone that toxic couldn't be trusted anyway. Besides there was no use in being with someone he didn't love. He finally worked up the courage to tell his father that and he wasn't happy that he broke up with her without saying anything to him. His father would soon understand that he didn't get a say in his love life just because he was his boss, just because he was his father didn't mean that he could control every part of his life. Y/N had given him enough strength to do that, she had made him fall in love with her without even trying. It burned him to think that Chanyeol actually got her back. It hurt even worse that he was stupid enough to make the same mistake again with the same woman he cheated on her with before. To get caught in the act a second time, that's why she was so off the rest of the day after lunch. She had been happier than normal the past few weeks and all of a sudden her mood just changed over one lunch. It was because of Ok, she was really going through with her threat and it was all because he blurted out that he loved her. She had taken all this time to plan it perfectly to hurt her and him. Chanyeol was an idiot for falling for it so quickly. He really didn't know her if he really thought that she would cheat on him just because he cheated on her. Yes they were entertaining each other's flirting and affections but when she needed and wanted it to stop she told him to stop and he stopped. They hung out and talked as friend all the while his feelings kept growing for her. He was the one that threatened him to leave her alone, to stop trying to steal his girlfriend but obviously she didn't mean enough to him that he wouldn't realize that she would never do something like that. The possibility of those photos being faked never came to mind? Talking to her to clarify what he saw didn't come to mind? Neither of them really knew how to voice concerns for their relationship though. It's what gave him the reason to cheat and it's what lead to her to letting him cheat and her finding Tao. Still if they were going to make things work, he thought at the very least they'd start doing things differently. Maybe Y/N was the only one that tried.
Tao had gone through his phone looking for the pictures all of Ok's lovers had sent him to brag about their conquest over his whore of a girlfriend. He kept them so he could show his father what type of woman he was dating but he never had the nerve to go tell him until recently and even then he didn't show the photos. He was going to delete them but at that moment he was glad he didn't. He scrolled to one of the most revealing photos of her and her lover and it wasn't even the worst picture he had in his phone. He turned the phone around so she could see it and the face she made was priceless he almost wished he could've taken a photo of that face and send it to Y/N so she could get a laugh out of it. She looked up at him with disgust,
"How the hell did you get that?" she said.
"Many of your lovers sent photos of you two together. I guess they got my number from your phone. Of course some of them already had my number when I told them to entertain your for the night because you were pissing me off. You'll really just let anyone stick it in won't you?"
"How can you talk to me like that?" she said offended.
Her face was turning red completely embarrassed. Tao had no sympathy for her, she could cry all she wanted he really just didn't fucking care anymore.
"You're the most evil woman in the world and you're wondering how I can speak to you like this? If just words hurt you this much then these photos getting leaked all over the internet will burn. So here's the deal, for every hour you don't reveal that you did this to her, that you faked those photos I'm posting a picture of you. If you wait long enough I'll drop the little thirty second video clip one of you boy toys sent me too."
"You wouldn't." the alarm sounding in her voice.
Tao just gave her a smirk and clicked send to post the photo on Instagram.
"You're time starts now, so you better get to work." he said.
"I'll make it worse for her." she tried to threaten him again.
"Then in turn I'll make it ten times worse for you. What do you think about billboards?"
"Tao stop this!" she yelled as he headed for the door.
"I'll stop it once you do as I asked. If you haven't said anything by the next hour another photo is going up." he said.
He walked out of the office but he could hear her throwing things inside the room. It was harsh but she deserved it. He never would've thought about revealing those pictures to the public but for her to humiliate Y/N like that it was only fair. She deserved far worse than that. To be honest, he had half a mind to send the video to her father. She'd probably lose her allowance from him and she'd have to fend for herself. It was amusing to imagine her trying to work for a living. She wasn't someone that could work to feed herself she was the type to sell her soul just to stay rich. She'd be a trophy wife, some little trinket for a man to show around as his while he just fed her what she wanted. Money, clothes, expensive perfumes anything that made her seem worth millions of won. She was the most materialistic selfish woman he ever had the displeasure of dating . He only wished that Y/N didn't have to suffer because he didn't have the guts to kick her to the curb a long time ago. He wanted to text her to see if she was alright but he didn't think she'd answer back. He'd text her tomorrow and give her a chance to calm down and get herself together. His father walked into work later that night to ask him what was going on between the two of them. He never told him that they met over the chat he just said they went out for a few lunches and dinners a while back to discuss business. He swore the photos were faked and told him he'd prove it as soon as he could. Things were just so messed up now but he could tell in the way that his father was speaking to him that he was disappointed in the both of them to have let a scandal like this get out. The next work day arrived and Y/N came walking in, nothing in hand. She was completely prepared to be fired. She looked distressed and her eyes were red. When she stopped in front of him, he put his hands on her shoulders and he apologized,
"He wants to see us both." he said.
"I know." her voice was slightly hoarse from crying.
She walked past him and headed into the elevator. Again, anyone else that tried to come on he made them get the next one. At this point, it was such a common response that when they saw them in the elevator together they just didn't even budge. They were quiet for a while until he broke the silence,
"Y/N I'm so sorry she did this to you." he said.
"It's fine, I'm just too tired to care anymore. Besides I heard on the radio she confessed to faking the photos. I guess when someone leaked photos of her she didn't feel so great about it."
"Yeah well at least she knows how you feel. She's less inclined to do it again." Tao said.
"Why did you two break up?" She asked.
She was looking at the other wall not paying attention to him. They had a long unspoken rule since they broke things off not to talk about their relationships he wondered why she was asking now. He looked at her and he could see in the reflection of the elevator wall she was looking down and away from him even in the reflection.
"I didn't love her, I never did. Besides when the person I am in love with is ready to come to me I want to be ready for her."
"Are you happier now?" she asked.
"Y/N what happened this morning? Why won't you look at me?" he asked softly.
She used to avoid looking at him when she was trying not to get in an argument with him. She used to hate his guts, he wondered if her life would've been easier if he had just never talked to her at all. She may have left Chanyeol on better terms, she may have stayed with him while he continued to cheat until ultimately he decided to leave her. Maybe she would've left him, she would've told him she didn't love him anymore and she would've left. All those things could've happened and he wondered which road would've been better for her. She finally turned to him, her eyes were low and her arms were crossed.
"Me and Chanyeol broke up." she said lowly.
He looked at her amazed that she had actually went through with it. Or did he end things because of the photo? Either way she was free of him but he wondered why she still seemed so hurt by it all. Then again, they had been together for five years. Five years of loving someone and getting to know everything there is to know about them. It all just ended, she had silent tears rolling down her eyes.
"Y/N." He whispered her name in pain.
She took in a shaky breath,
"I'm moving to Busan, I'm going to stay with my brother and his family until all this blows over and I can get a new job."
"You're leaving?"
"There's nothing here for me but heartache. Maybe I'll come back a few years later when it doesn't hurt as much but right now... I just don't want to be where I might see him again. I loved him Tao but it was a mistake to go back to him I know that now. I should've just left him. I should've just been with you. At least then I could be guilty of something I actually did." she said.
She chuckled trying to force any more tears away. She wiped her eyes getting rid of them but hearing that she was leaving, hearing her admit she should've left Chanyeol earlier and came to him. Everything she said to him got to him and he broke his promise. His lips crashed against hers sweeping her up in the passion. Her hands gripped the side of his suit while his hands met the side of her face. Their breathing uneven and their kisses audible in the small space. His heart was pounding, she was amazing and he just wanted more of her. He only wanted her. His kisses got deeper and he didn't stop his assault on her lips until she pulled away from him. Her eyes hazy in partial lust and the other part confusion. She was catching her breath, her lips swollen. She looked up at him shocked and she touched her lips in amazement.
"I'm sorry I broke my promise." he said letting his thumb graze across her bottom lip.
"That's okay." she said still lightly panting.
The elevator doors opened and they headed into his father's office for what was to come next...
You woke up the next morning with Sehun sleeping right beside you. He must've gotten up after you had fallen asleep because he was now shirtless and in his boxers. He was sleeping on top of the covers with another cover on top of him. You were bundled up in the covers below. Your phone had woken you up, the same alarm that would wake you up to get ready for work woke you up again. You slipped out of bed but Sehun was a light enough sleeper that he began to stir as soon as you moved.
"Are you getting ready for work?" he asked.
"Yeah, sorry for waking you up. I can catch a bus back to the house." You said.
"You really don't want to go there alone. I'll take you there." he said pushing the covers to the side.
You saw all the missed calls from Chanyeol a sick feeling was starting to stir in your stomach. Today was the day you really ended it. Five years worth of time spent being in love with one man. You couldn't think about it or you'd lose your nerve and break as soon as you saw him. You only hoped that he wouldn't be so difficult. He wanted this to end too didn't he, that's why he cheated again. That's why he had done this again. The very reason you couldn't trust him and now you knew you were right not to. You had called your brother to see if you could stay with him for a while until things blew over. He was just happy to hear from you again after two years of radio silence. He welcomed you back with open arms. Sehun had gotten up and gotten dressed. He had brought your clothes in from being washed while you were asleep, they were now laid out on the chair right next to you. Sehun changed in his closet while you quickly put your clothes back on, ending the call with your brother. When he came back out, you were fully dressed and pulling your hair back in an up do. You two headed out of the house, Jongdae was still sleeping. You wondered if he knew you were there in the first place.
You both were silent the entire way to your place. Sehun sat in the car as you stared at the front door from the passengers side. You took in a deep breath trying to contain the growing emotions of anger and fear rushing through your body.
"Do you want me to come in with you?" he asked.
"No, I can do it I just- five years is a lot to give up." you said weakly.
"I know. I'll wait for you to come back out okay."
"I have to drive up to Busan so I'll drive back to work you don't have to stay." you said.
"I know, I'll be right here. If you don't come out twenty minutes I'll come in to get you."
"Twenty-five." you said.
"Fine." he gave you a smile.
You both locked pinkies, the promise that he'd come in to get you if things got too rough. Sehun was always by your side and you were grateful for that but this wasn't something you wanted him to see or hear. You and Chanyeol had the power to build each other up or break each other a part and you were just hoping it wouldn't come to that. You just wanted to rip it off like a band-aid. 'We're over' as simple as that. Chanyeol wasn't simple though.
You walked inside carefully and the house was a wreck. Beer bottles, wine bottles, vases and chairs thrown everywhere glass was covering the ground. He had destroyed the place. Was it because you didn't answer the phone? He really let his temper get to him like this? The deeper you walked in past the wall that blocked your vision of the living room you finally saw Chanyeol passed out on the couch. You made your way carefully and quietly to the bedroom and grabbed a big bag and started stuffing your clothes inside. Everything you needed was going in the bag. You brushed your teeth really quick making sure you were careful not to wake up Chanyeol then wrapped those things up in a plastic bag and stuffed them into the bag as well. Your charger, your work phone which you probably wouldn't need anymore what ever would fit in the bag. You carried the giant bag out of the bedroom door, Chanyeol had gotten up already. He was rubbing his eyes and then his hand ran through his hair raising his bangs to reveal his forehead. You liked his sleepy face, he was always more gentle that way. He looked up at you noticing the big bag in your hand and it was like you could feel his heart drop from the look on his face.
"No. No, no, no. Y/N please I'm sorry." he began to beg quickly making his way to you.
You stepped back, he had socks on and he had moved so quickly across the glass you wondered if he even felt it.
"Stop- I think it's just better this way you know? You can have her without having to hide it-"
"I don't fucking want her! I only did it because of the picture she showed me. I-I just wanted to get you back. I thought you had-"
"I'm not you!" you snapped.
"I wouldn't have cheated on you okay, I told you I stopped seeing him like that and you should've believed me like I believed you. Chanyeol I forgave you, I tried to trust you again. We were doing so well and then you went and fucked her instead of talking to me about it first. I didn't even know the picture existed until I was leaving work that day. You keep hurting me and I'm just tired of it." You finished.
He stepped closer to you and your back hit the wall. You didn't want him touching you but he did anyway. He was crying and you didn't want to see his face. You closed your eyes so that you wouldn't take it back. This was for the best. You two couldn't be together anymore.
"Baby, I'm sorry. I'll do better, please jagi don't end us please, please." he begged.
He kissed your neck, your collar bone, your cheek. His lips peppered kisses all over you pleading with you to stay with him. You just shook your head no.
"I don't want to be with you anymore." you whispered.
The words hurt as they came out of your mouth. You felt like dying where you stood. He stopped kissing you at those words and just held onto you. His tears falling on you,
"Say you're lying." he said.
"Please say you're lying, just tell me you're upset and you're just saying things to get back at me. I know I deserve it. Please just tell me you're not leaving."
You took in a shaky breath and wiped away the tears breaking through,
"Chanyeol I have to go, let go."
"No! Tell me you're lying first. Tell we we're not breaking up, tell me you love me. Please baby,"
He pulled back to cup your face, both yours and his face wet with tears. He was brushing them away lightly with his thumb,
"I can't live without my Sunshine, please just don't leave me."
"I told you the first time, you get one more chance and then after it we were through. You have to see Gi everyday for work, I will never trust you as long as she is there. What you did yesterday was prove that if anything goes wrong in our relationship your first instinct tells you to cheat instead of confront me about it. I can't trust you Chanyeol. I'm not perfect okay, the first time I let you get away with it and for so long, I never said anything even though I knew what you were doing. I don't know, if I had said something then maybe this would be easier to save but it's not. You continuously broke my heart day after day for months and when I forgave you, you broke my heart again. We'll only kill each other at this rate so let's just end it so we both can find some relief. I am so tired of trying to make things work when all I know is that at the end of the day- we'll end up right back here."
"I don't want to lose you." He choked out.
"Then you shouldn't have cheated."
He sighed hurt and kissed you one last time, his lips grazing yours gently warming you up and still breaking your heart. He pressed his forehead against yours and he worked up the ability to say,
"I love you Y/N. I want you to be happy... So I'm going to let you go because it's what you want. Just remember that I love you. I love you so much Sunshine."
He slowly moved away from you and walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. You whispered,
"I love you too much."
So much that it hurt, so much that you still cried when you ended it all. So much that when you had met Tao at work just twenty minutes later you couldn't look him in the eye. So much that when you told him you were single again, when he kissed you even though you enjoyed the kiss, you still felt guilty. You wouldn't let Tao touch you or kiss you when you were with Chanyeol and when he kissed you it felt even more real that it was all over. Five years of emotions doesn't just go away in one night. You were just ready to get rid of this life.
You two stood in Mr. Huang's office discussing the up roar from yesterday and you waited for him to announce the ultimatum you knew he would.
"You can quit or I can fire you." he said.
You nodded,
"Thank you for your time here Mr.Huang. I've already emailed you my resignation." You bowed to him and began to turn.
Tao grabbed your wrist stopping you in your tracks. He was staring at his father hard,
"I haven't fought for much in my life before, for the most I've let you do everything for me. Make my decisions, choose my partners, you've always told me what to do while at the same time questioning when I'd grow up and do something for myself. This woman standing next to me is broken and in this situation because of the woman you wanted me to date. The woman I hated with every fiber of my being is the same woman that broke the heart of the one I love more and more with every breath I take. I love her and you and I both know she is the best damn thing that happened to this company. I want you to know the mistake you're making by letting her leave. Another man did the same thing and I can guarantee you he'll regret it for the rest of his life."
"Tao." you said frankly surprised.
"I'm happier than I've ever been before and it's all because of you Y/N. Even if you're not mine now- I have hope one day you will be so I can treat you how you're supposed to be treated. Things like what happened yesterday won't matter to me because you're the only one I see and I see you clearer than I've seen anything else in my life."
He kissed the top of your head before letting you go, he turned to his father.
"You'll get my resignation soon." he said.
You looked at him surprised as he grabbed your hand and walked you out into the hallway. You had taken a peak back at his father that hadn't said a word since he started or ended his speech. You actually saw a smile on his face like for once he was proud Tao expressed some type of emotion other than following his father blindly. Tao exhaled in relief and then chuckled kind of nervous,
"Sorry, that was probably a lot for you to take in, honestly it's the first time I've talked to my father like that. I really hope he doesn't try to make life harder for me."
You chuckled, remembering the smile on his father's lips, you slightly shook your head and said,
"Something tells me he's not going to do anything to hurt you. In fact, I'd say he's proud of you."
Tao tilted his head a smile forming on his face,
"Look I'm not asking you out or anything, especially since you just got out of a really long relationship but you're leaving for Busan and since I did technically just confess my love to you a minute ago, do you think you could do me just one favor?"
"What is it?"
"Let me take you out for breakfast, just as a friend. I have a feeling I'm not going to see you for a while and without you and Yifan to keep my company I may just go insane."
You smiled, he made you feel better quickly. You sighed,
You both drove in separate cars and you ended up at Chou's; you spent most of the morning talking. He did the best he could to keep your mind off of Chanyeol and your break up. You did the best you could not to seem down the entire time you were there. You didn't have to try so hard at some points. He really did make you laugh especially when he mentioned Yifan and you'd tease him about calling him 'gege'. Apparently no one should've known that nickname besides him but Yifan had told you when you guys were doing the shoot one day. He probably noticed how well you two worked together and you would miss that. You didn't expect to find the one person you hated to become one of the people you enjoyed working with and shared laughs with. You expected even less that he would confess that he was in love with you and because of you he was happier than he had ever been before. All your friends were here, your life was here but your ex was here, the woman he cheated on you with was here, the job you had to quit was here and the girl who had accomplished getting her revenge on you was here. You didn't want to be here anymore. You just needed to get away even if that meant starting over again. You were still young, you still had time but you just needed a break from dating and the hell that you had just gone through. Tao saw you off to your car and you headed straight for Busan. You arrived later than you intended because of traffic but you walked into your brothers house with you bag in hand only to see his daughter running up to you,
"Hey Miso where's you father?" you asked.
"In the living room." she said.
You placed your bag down and she grabbed your hand, she was about to pull you down the hallway until your brother walked in and saw you. A sad smile on his face,
"Hey bugs."
You chuckled,
"You know I hate that name."
He nodded, he came over to you and gave you a hug.
"I guess you guys were right, we just weren't meant to be." you said.
He rubbed your back trying to give you extra comfort. Tears were already starting to build up in your eyes again. You thought you had cried everything out but every idea of Chanyeol and you once being happy together flooded your mind and just threatened to break you down again. The sound of pain in his voice as he broke down and begged you not to leave him and then the sound of his voice when he told you he'd let you go because that's what you wanted. You did want it, you wanted to be free of the toxic relationship forming because it was breaking you down bit by bit. Still the first few years of you two starting out were amazing, you couldn't just pretend that you didn't still love him. You did love him but loving him hurt and you didn't want to hurt anymore.
"Here, I'll take this to your room." your brother said.
"Thanks Kyungsoo."
You followed him up to the room you were staying in and his wife stopped by to talk to you. You were tired at that point and she was the type of person that didn't really take subtle hints so eventually Kyungsoo came back and pulled her from your side so that you could get some peace. She was a sweet girl but you were worn out from everything and the day still wasn't over yet. You called Sehun to tell him you made it to Kyungsoo's place okay and he wished you the best but he said he still missed you. Yixing, Jongdae, Junmyeon and Minseok were all in the room and he must've had you on speaker phone because they all screamed they would miss you and they loved you. You pulled up Chanyeol's contact and took a deep breath and then pressed delete. You didn't want to be tempted to call him, you could even feel the hesitation in yourself to not delete the number but it was what you needed to do to start to move on from him. The last thing you did was text the one person that you didn't want to push out of your life anymore,
Dreamgirl: Don't worry Mr.Sandman we'll see each other again.
Seconds later a response came,
Mr.Sandman: Till then I'll be sending you sweet dreams... my sweet Dreamgirl.
Okay so I decided that Chapter 12 will just be a regular chapter and i'll put the Epilogue at the end of the chapter. So for everyone that has seen my other chapters that have Epilogue at the end of the title so you it's the end of the story, Chapter 12 will be the ending I'm just not gonna put Epilogue by the title.... Does that make sense?... Anyway thanks for reading. Love you bunnies. ~Babydollbre
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