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Dangerous rookie pt.2😍


this group just debuted yesterday and I though I told my self to stay away it is too late.....I already know the members names and at this point no turning back will update with more info soon


Leader 21 (22) years old

Jun Yong

aka my new adorable puppy also 21(22) years old

Bon Kuk

aka my bias of the group (but let be real I'll probably bias the whole group minus the babies) 21 (22) years old rapper of the group


deadly infant with a jawline so sharp it could cut you just by looking at it 17 (19) years old (2 years older in korea since he was born right before the new year)


super infant who is too adorable for life 16 (18) years old (also born before new year thus why he's 2yrs older over there)