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I was tagged by @luna1171 to play the GOT7 tag!
If you'd like to join in, check out the game HERE!
#1: First Bias?
My first was JB! He caught my eye instantly and I was done for!
#2: Current Bias?
Always has been and always will be JB.
#3: Bias Wrecker?
This little one skyrocketed up to bias wrecker ranking within the last two months when he and I had a moment when I saw them in Canada. Since then, he has been fighting JB for the top spot.
#4: Favorite Ship
#5: Favorite Vocalist
I adore Junior and Youngjae but JB's voice just makes me melt. I can't help it.
#6: Favorite Rapper
Mark's voice, like JB, just gets me.
#7: Favorite Dancer
Yugyeom. I literally collapsed watching him dance in NY!
#8: Favorite Song
I love so many of them but the one that I love to listen to on repeat and just makes me feel good is Playground.
#9: Favorite Choreography
It's a toss up between 'If You Do' and 'Stop Stop It' for me.
#10: Favorite Music Video
That is another tough one but I'm going with 'Just Right'. I love the bright colors, the theme of the video and all the cute things they did in the video.
#11: Favorite Era
The MAD era. The sound of the music. Their visuals. Everything about this era I loved. I wasn't ready for it to end but I'm loving the FLY era.
#12 and 13: When and how did you become an IGOT7?
Around this time, last year, I was just starting to get into Kpop. I had heard it a couple of times thanks to my friend, @skullbunneh, who had been listening to it for years but was only just realizing how much I actually really liked what I was hearing. I was all about Big Bang when she sent me this video and told me to check this group out. I fell for them immediately and spent the night watching this video a dozen times and looking up as many music videos as I could.
#14: Where are you from?
I'm from Connecticut!
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Agree with so many of your choices. JB then and now, his voice etc. Jackson tries to be a bias wrecker, but he is my favorite rapper and I love his signing voice. Thanks for sharing.
Dang gummie bias wrecking! He got me too😂
Oh My GOD!! MY Gyeomie is seriously Wrecking People!!!! LOL!! like Is not the fist time I see this..That Evil Maknae is taking Over!!!..hahaha