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Hey everyone! So this week there won't be a GOTW. I actually need you all to please give me some feedback if you like the GOTW cards or not. I have been considering ending GOTW, probably for good but I would like your opinions on that before I stop doing it. Its not that its hard or that I'm tired of it, I just don't know how everyone feels about it. So if you could please comment and let me know if you want GOTW to stay!
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I LOVE GOTW!!! You do such an amazing job with it and it really helps us learn about other groups. I would hate to see it end or disappear. Thank you for working so hard to bring us GOTW.
I haven't heard of them I will look them up when I get home.
I've been out of vingle for a little while because of serious health issues, so I hope it isn't too late to add to this. I love the group of the week cards because it gives me a wider scope of information on groups I know and maybe passed off after a couple songs or info I got from others; or showcases those I've never encountered since so many debut and can get missed in the grand scheme of things. it allows for people to learn more about members, their songs, their group interaction, and more so I feel like it is informative and a fun way to fill us in on these idols and groups in a way we might not do on our own otherwise. also on a sidenote, if I can help in the future for any of these I'd love to if it means we can keeps these going ^^
@Bwolfgirl If you are interested in helping, I just posted a card about some things I would like help with and new stuff I would like to do, so if you wanna look at that it would be super awesome 😊
Oh my god!!! Definelty do NOT stop this!!!!! I repeat, please do NOT stop making these!!! It really helps me find new groups, some that I've never heard of, and new songs to fall in love with!! It's also so great for helping us learn not just that the group exists but some info about the members!! Please continue doing this!!