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So we got the rest of Kcon going on in this chapter! if you missed @SarahVanDorn part 40 check it out! it's the first half of kcon! So I was super excited about this and all the events going on, I wrote alot lol, there was just so much stuff I wish I could do, I'm so sad I couldn't go to kcon, but in the end it's best I didn't (I would freak out, so many crowds so many people this girl doesn't do well in large crowds ) alright now to piece this baby together, here we go!
Getting up the next morning  it was day 2 for the Kcon. Excitement bubbled in both girls. "Jenni jenni bts is coming today!" Sarah said extatic. "We get to see our boys " jenni said then laughed  "I think this is the longest I've gone without seeing them since we met them " she added "Nit true, i didn't see Kooki for a couple days when I was upset with him" sarah corrected "Thats why I said I. I haven't but you have. Oh I hope they are doing okay on the flight, have you gotten any messages from them?" Jenni asked "No but I don't think their plane will land til the afternoon " sarah said "Okay" jenni finally got out of bed, I'm gonna get ready for the day" she said. Grabbing a change of clothes she went to the bathroom and got dressed. A pair of leggings with a blue skull top and a blue and orange scarf wrapped around her waist. Her hair went into pigtails to keep it back. It took her all of 10 minutes.  Sarah however spent a half hour getting ready. She wore a black skinny jeans, and a tank top. Looking at Jenni she copied the sash idea and took a blue scarf. They headed out and made their way down to the convention center. Once they made it through the crowd they started to explore. There was a fan engagement for astro going on somewhere and had to navigate where to go.  "Sarah I'm not fighting my way to get to the front" jenni halted when they saw the crowd in front of the platform for the boys. "But we can't even see them from here" sarah said. "Its okay you can go ahead, I'll just walk around the edge and find a random place to be" jenni said getting a look from her friend. "Your just asking to get lost" sarah stated "Im okay, adventure!" She raised her hand in mock excitement. "Look I'll meet you over by that booth afterwards " jenni pointed to a booth that was vacant at the moment. "Fine I want to get closer" sarah said and took off. She slipped between people and soon disappeared. With a look around Jenni walked around the edge of the cluster  freak until she came to a wall just by the side of the stage. It was a bad angle but she didn't mind. A half hour into the fan engagement they started to take pictures and do the hi touch. Sarah and her had access to it but she wasn't sure about making her way. Debating in her head people started to pass her to get on stage. a moment later people were passing her with large cameras and going on stage to film. staying were she was because well she picked the wrong spot. All those people were getting off stage boxing her  into her spot.  By the time hi touch was done the guys were coming off stage and coming in her direction.  Oh god what was she doing. Somehow she caught the first guys eye, oh gosh what were their names she tries to think quickly, still couldn't come up with them. They past by her and the last boy stopped and waved in her face. "Hi" she said. "Hi" he said back. "You were great up there" she said. "Oh I have something!  " she dug into her bag and pulled out a small panda. "Panda for you!" Jenni smiled he smiled back and took it with a thanks, then he was being pulled away by his members. A while later Jenni finally made it to the booth to find Sarah already there. there was some kind of work shop going on behind her. "Jenni!"sarah called out. "Oh gosh those boys are so cute, I did hi touch with them. The first boy made eye contact with me and smiled." Sarah exclaimed. "Did you do it?" She asked. " No I was on the side of the stage where people were coming down, but they past by me coming down the stairs. The guy in the shorts I gave him a panda." Jenni said  "You would! I can't believe it. It's gonna be your thing isn't it?" She questioned. "Its my WNND for the day!" Jenni smiled "Jenni you would normally do that, are you at least asking if they want a panda?" She asked. "No" she scrunched her face up. "Why would I? " "Come on lets go do something I can't continue "sarah said before moving.  They walked a short distance before coming to a virtual game, Jenni stepped back but sarah wanted to play so she did, They went through different booths, one was a photo booth, actually they ran across several and got lots of pictures. It made them debate on if they wanted to show their faces and put them on their radio station website. Debate ended as soon as it started, a bug fat no. Jenni stopped walking feeling her phone vibrate, stopping she ran to a corner and answered it. Apparently a phone call. "Hello?" She basically yelled into the phone. "We just arrived at our hotel" Joonie said over the phone not being able to help it she let her squeal out which got a look from Sarah. "Im so happy you landed and got here okay " she said "I wanted to call you earlier to hear your voice but I just got away from the guys,we each have our own room. -" "Oh gosh don't tell me that "jenni covered her eyes. "Ooh I got a text" sarah said.  "From my baby" she grinned happily.  "Where are you at now?" Joonie asked. "At the convention center. We just  took a bunch of pictures and apparently in line for somthing" jenni looked around to see that people were moving on ahead of her. "When did we get in a line?" Jenni questioned. "When you answered your phone I dragged you into it. It's for makeovers" sarah laughed "Okay apparently we're headed to the make up booth " jenni told Joonie. "Take a picture and send it to me later" he said.  "Okay sure" she nodded. "So when are you guys coming to the convention? " she asked.  "Not til later" he said, "Hah, my baby calls me too" sarah said showing her phone to see Kookie posted across the screen.  "Good you for" jenni told her with a thumbs up. "We won't be until the red carpet" he said. "So around 5? Hmm I wonder if I can sneak over to see you before then or go after the concert" she questioned "After" he sighed,  "there's alot to do in between now and then. In fact someone's knocking on my door now" he said. "Awe, well it's to be expected" she said. "I have to let you go! I'll see you babe!"he said "Oh but wait we're interviewing you later" she spoke really fast so he couldn't hang up. "You are? Oh shoot that's right for your work, the whole reason your here" he said making her laugh.  "Yup you can thank boss man for letting us do interviews in person" she said, "Will you make time, just a minute or two?" she asked. "Always got a minute for you. Except now, now I really do have to go the guys are at the door " he said. "Tell everyone hi, and give my bestie my love" jenni grinned. "Jimin doesn't get your love, I do" he said making her chuckle,  "Fine then I'll give him a panda later, but no panda for you!" She laughed. She got a few stairs from people around her. "Its okay I have a klutzy panda already" he said "Jenni you need to hang up! Namjoon won't hang up on you" someone came on the phone. "Omg Tae no" jenni slipped and covered her mouth. "Uh honey I have to go, I don't need to get you in trouble" sarah said being smart next to her. The stares intensified around her. "Stop calling my baby Tae Jen Jen, it's Tayler " sarah covered up fast, those stares disappeared, no more interest. "Fine I'll let him go, bye guys " jenni said then hung up really fast."thanks bestie " jenni said making them both laugh. "My baby told me he wouldn't get off the phone so 'Tayler' took the phone from him and shut himself in the room. "Sarah laughed.  "This'll be harder then I thought "jenni said "What?" She questioned "Trying not to slip up, especially when we see the later" she told her.  "Just remember  what boss man said. " sarah said. They talked a little more about what they would do, when it was their turns to get make up done Sarah went to a girl with short hair and Jenni got a girl with long hair.
Astro! Twice!
It didn't take long to get beautified, gone were the pigtails Jenni put in and instead it was brushed and pulled to one side, her make up covered up her blemishes and there was eye liner and a blue sparkly eye shadow. Sarah had her hair teased and her headband in place, her make up was blended, she got silver eyeshadow. "You look so pretty" jenni commented. "Lets take a picture and send to the boys" jenni said. So they took a picture together and then seperated pictures and sent them to the guys. "Okay so what are we doing now?" Jenni asked. "They have a dance workshop starting over there " sarah pointed. "I can't dance" jenni commented. "Its okay they teach you, come one" Sarah pulled her in that direction.  When they made it there alot of people were already dancing to 'Fire' and sarah jumped right into the dance. Jenni stood there for a moment and then started to slowly pick up the dance routine and dancing along as the person on the stage was going bit by bit with the moves. By the end jenni was laughing at herself and having a good time, sarah was laughing at Jenni too and could do the entire dance just as good as the instructer. "Do we have time to do anything else or are we is it time for some of the fan engagement things?" Sarah asked. "I think twice starts soon. We should get over to them. You think we can catch them after that to do interview?" Jenni asked. "We kind of missed the chance for astro" she added. "You know what I'll go ask the manager if we can, I think they would be around the side of the stage" jenni said. "I'll come with you. I don't know if you can handle that on your own" sarah said. "Jenni can't but Ruby can" jenni grinned. Sarah laughed but still decided better to go with her. When they got to the stage there was alot of fan waiting, singing to the stage and waiting for them to come out. Sarah led the way to the side and found someone the looked important.  They asked around until they found the manager for the group and they agreed to do a short Q and A for the show, since they explained it would be on air back in Seoul for the fans to keep up to date there. So an hour later after waiting on the side of the stage the girls were done on stage and wrapping up hi touch which surprisingly went by very fast, the girls came off and the manager introduced them to Ruby and Diamond. Sarah had called in to the show and set it up for pre-recording the interview. "Hi hi!  We are Ruby and Diamond from Live on air! Literally!  We do a radio show back in Seoul and are covering Kcon for fans back in Korea. If you girls have a moment can you answer a couple questions about how you are enjoying yourselves here?" Jenni sounded professional as she introduced them. They each answered how they loved seeing so many international fan supporting them and told what their favorite part of kcon was so far. When they were done and had stopped recording jenni went into her bag and pulled out a couple panda's and handed them to each girl. "What are these for?" One girl asked. "Panda's! " Jenni smiled " Im handing them out to people we interview" jenni explained "No Ruby’s  really building a panda army! She's giving them out to make more people like pandas" sarah laughed as she explained the real reason. "Panda's need love too" jenni pouted. The girls laughed and accepted them commenting how cute they were.  
Amber! Eric Nam! Girls Generation!
"How many panda's do you have in there?" Sarah asked when they were far enough away from the girl group Twice. "Hmm, a whole bag full" jenni patted her bag. "I bought them all yesturday and cleaned out the story of panda beanie baby's.  It was the easiest ones to get though I got a big plushie one for me" she said making sarah laugh. "Well we have a bunch more groups, girls generation, monsta X,  bts, and Eric Nam. I don't think we've seen him yet" sarah said. "Um Sarah isn't that him over there?" Jenni pointed to  guy dressed in a suit talked to someone else in plain clothes. They had a couple crew people around them. "It is Oh my god, that's Amber! " sarah said "Oh yea, she said that she would be walking around kcon casually. We should go say hi." Jenni said. They weren't the only ones to notice,  fans were going up and asking for autographs. When Amber saw them she smiled. "Ruby and Diamond right?" She remembered. " I can't believe you remember us!" Sarah said happily " Well its hard to forget, your the pair that was handing out panda's to people you interviewed, except I didn't get one" she said. "Oh I ran out the other day" jenni dived into her bag and pulled out three, "these two are for you, one to make you happy and one to say sorry I didn't.  And Eric this one is for you to make you happy!" Jenni said handing them panda's.  They laughed "Hey thus reminds me of a show my buddy did. They got to have a squeaker fight at the beginning of the show and later they brought panda's in and got one when they answered questions then they tackled one if the hosts with those pandas" Amber explained making both girls smile. "Are you talking about got7? " sarah asked. "Yea my buddy Jackson, wait was it you two?" She asked. "Oh man I'm going to have to tell him I met you two and got my very own panda, he didn't get one," Amber said as she positioned the panda on her shoulder. It made Jenni and sarah grin like crazy "You'll have to tell him hi for us then. that had been a fun show and we were doing things to cheer them up after their issues in america. Hey if your ever interested to come on the show give us a ring. It would be awesome to do it" sarah self promoting even had her business cards out and handing one to her, then one to Eric. "You too, I know how your fans miss having you on asc, "she added including him in the discussion. He smiled and took it. They made conversation for a few more minutes before the pair had to go. When they left jenni turned to Sarah and lightly hit her forehead with her palm. "We forgot interview" jenni laughed "Its okay we talked to them, besides we don't have to interview everyone we meet " sarah said laughing. "Okay, let's grab some food. I think monsta X is gonna be somewhere soon and that's a group we for sure have to see and talk to" jenni said. "Can we do the food street? There was some pretty cool stuff there" sarah suggested.
Monsta X and I included pictured of people at concert, just for fun
After they got food they made there way around and the went to go see the red carpet. They had the red carpet access and were able to see all the groups. They were happy to see Astro once more and the rest of the groups. When girls generation went on they made their way to the edge of the area so that they could be able to get a question or two answered by them.  "You know its really fun to do this. And the random,  times we interact with groups is pretty nice" sarah commented. "It means we have to go to these events" jenni laughed. When the girls made their way down the carpet they waved and jenni pulled out one of the pandas to give to the group knowing she couldn't give each one a panda. "Hi hi! Sarah said when they got inside and were noticed  sarah introduced them as Ruby and Diamond from Live on air! Literally!  It was shocking to hear some of the girls listened to their show and knew who they were. They were excited to meet us in person as the pair were excited to meet them. Jenni got the oppritunity to actually give each girl a panda, which they loved. They answered what their favorite part of kcon was and that they were happy to be there. They spent only five minutes before they had to move on. That was okay. "Can we do the boys tonight? Sarah asked. "Yea that's fine." Jenni nodded.  They finished watching all the groups after that and then made their way to the concert hall and to get their seats. It got filled so fast. During the performance of bts, Sarah and jenni were in the crowd true to word Jenni was dying. She was hyperventilating after the first 2 songs. Sarah was crying and getting hysterical  with so many emotions running through her. "Sit down and just listen " sarah said as she took a breather to sit. Oh gosh we're they happy to have seats. "But but I want to see" Jenni said. The boys introduced themselves and the pair of girls were giggling like crazy. After that sarah and Jenni took turns fanning themselves and trying to remember to breath since at some point that did not happen. After the show, yes Jenni cannot go into detail because no oxygen made it to her brain and she ceased to be able to think straight. Sarah was the one to take the initiative to head towards the backstage area with Jenni following. "Sarah what is happening? Why did Jimin step up and get me to notice him. He's supposed to be my best friend nothing more!"jenni said all of a sudden making sarah laughed "He knew he had to get your attention, it's okay his spot was dropping on my list and he just redeemed himself" sarah comment. "Omg it's because Joonie took my love and wouldn't give it to Jimin" jenni laughed "Your going to make him jealous" sarah laughed.  There was a bunch of girls listening to their conversation. "My bias list is completely  wrecked after this. "Sarah said. " they talking hypothertical " some behind the pair said. Thank god. When they did escape the crowd they headed to the back and showed passes to get in. "Probably good we waited until after to do these interview foe them" sarah said.  "Is it, is it really? " she started  "Oh I get to surprise Kooki now" she got excited.   When they made it to the back they saw the boys. They were talking to other people and didn't notice them approaching.  "You ready to call into Julia to record?" Jenni asked reminding Sarah.  "I want to make sure this first part gets recorded" she added. "On it" sarah said pulling out her phone and the hand held mics. It would make it easier to hear them. "Hi guys, um we wanted to do a short interview with you" jenni started. Namjoon was the first to turn and notice.  The smile that spread over his face was beautiful and little flips went on in her stomach. The rest of the guys stopped talking and turned.  Kooki stood frozen staring at Sarah. "What are you doing here? " J hope questioned all excited.  "Work! Boss wanted us to cover KCON since we were so close" jenni said. "Bestie!" Tae said going in for a hug to Sarah. "My bestie!" Jimin said running to give Jenni a hug. Both Namjoon and Kooki stopped them before they even reached the girls. Jenni turned to Sarah. "You see! See I told you he wanted my attention on him tonight! I swear it's because Namjoon wouldn't give him my love" jenni said making sarah laugh. "I got your attention did I win over him?" Jimin pointed his thumb at Namjoon. "Yes Awe I messed up you got me so excited to see you. I even had a speech planned as to keep it quiet I knew you" jenni burst out laughing. "You would fake not knowing us?" Namjoon questioned "Yes, no, see I can't.  I kept getting us in trouble by talking about you guys all day after that phone call" jenni burst. "Uh Ruby, we can't use this on the show." Julia who was on speaker said.  "Why not? It's funny!" Sarah chuckled "Because the boss is standing right here and shaking his head no" Julia said. "Okay fine,  we'll start over. Oh I can use my speech just give us a minute okay Julie? " Jenni asked.  "Okay then call me back" she said hanging up. "Your really here for work?" Kooki asked poking Sarah in the cheek making her laugh. "Yup. You guys were amazing tonight!" She said.  "Sorry we waited to do interview after the concert" jenni said.  "After this food? " sarah asked the boys nodded "Sarah we can't were meeting up with Jordan and Niki" jenni reminded her. "Thats right, well they could come along" she said "Who are they? " Tae asked "Oh My brother and his girlfriend" jenni said.  A look crossed over namjoons face. "Its okay you don't have to meet them" jenni said quickly.  "No we can meet them. " namjoon nodded "Cool, I'll let him know later" jenni said as Sarah phone rang. "Its Julia" sarah said and answered. They got ready and started the show. "So we are here after the concert of Bts with them" sarah said.  "I have never met them before,  I'm so excited to meet these guys,  How are you liking LA?" Jenni said quickly, everyone chuckled and sarah hit her arm "Ruby we did a show with them at the beginning of the month. How could you forget?" Sarah questioned "Oh yea that was them" jenni laughed. "I have met you guys, Yey we meet again. So glad your not running from us!" Jenni laughed.  She got a look from the guys, more like a couple glares then Sarah went right into questioning them about the performance. She kept it professional and then Jenni wrapped it up. Since the guys from Monsta X were standing close by Sarah told the guys we would be back and pushed Jenni into gear to move in that direction.  "Gimme names" jenni said.  Sarah did so reminding her and they went over and introduced themselves.  "I want him, can we add them  to our list?" Jenni asked as she pointed at one of the members. "Thats I.M and he's mine, also so is shownu, and wonho, you always get more this time I will fight tooth and nail for them" sarah said.  "What are you talking about?" The guy questioned in front of them "Who gets who out of your group, feel the love.  " jenni stated.  "Fine only if I can have him" jenni pointed her finger at the guy in front of her as she looked at sarah. "Me, you want me? Yes I got chosen!"  He sounded so adorable. "Jennifer" someone behind them yelled out and she kind of shrinked, Namjoon was calling her. "Uh oh someone's jealous" sarah cooed. "Did you pick him out of that group?" The guy asked. Oh it clicked "Jooheon" jenni burst out saying his name then poked his check. He had a dimple there, " sorry had to" she said making him laugh. He patted her head. "so you two came from Seoul? " he asked. "Yup we do a radio show which is why we are here doing short minute interview to see how everyone is enjoying the convention " jenni said.  Sarah was holding in her giggles next to her as more of the members came up to them. "Can we record to put on the show?" Jenni asked. "As long as it's nothing bad. " Jooheon grinned. "You can be bad if you want to" sarah said jenni got the pun and had to look away, just to see the guys from BTS approaching. "Alrighty" jenni said before Sarah asked how they all were liking kcon and their international fans. When they all answered the guys from BTS had joined,  Kooki stood by sarah and Namjoon by jenni. "They pick you two ?" Jooheon questioned. "Yes" Kooki said. "Oh before I don't do it here" jenni went digging in her bag and pulled out panda's "You and your panda's! " namjoon shook his head. "Yes, I must spread them around. Here these are for you!" She said as her and Sarah handed them to monsta x. They took them and said thank you , questionably.  They all got a laugh at that. Then the guys had to go. Joonie snuck a kiss on Jenni’s cheek and told her to meet at the hotel later. He slipped her a piece of paper. Sarah got a hug from Kooki and then they left the girls.  "Are we done for the day?" Sarah asked. "Yup just got to send in these  recordings and then head to the hotel for Jordan and Niki" jenni said.
At the hotel jenni and sarah grabbed Jordan and Niki and went to meet at Namjoons room. They surprisgly had the same hotel and just had to go a flight up from their rooms. When they got there all the guys were in the room. Everyone introduced each other. "So this is the guy? " Jordan questioned looking at Namjoon standing next to Jenni. "And there's another with Sarah? " he questioned "Jordan this is Namjoon, I told you a little bit about him when you called me. And Sarah is with Jungkook" jenni told him, Jordan stared for a moment and burst out laughing.  Everyone stood there staring at him. "That is very hurtful" jenni said cross. "I've never imagined you would actually be with a korean guy" he said.  "Not to mention someone famous" he added "Hold on, " Niki cut him off. "Im so happy for you two! They are not my type but you two got famous people!" Niki said. "Lucky lucky." "Yea, lucky us" sarah said. "He doesn't just use you does he? You have a habit of choosing the wrong people to be close to" Jordan said being the worried big brother getting serious about it. "Hey I don't use her!" Sarah intergected. Jordan shot her a look. "You have the same problem Sarah. Jenni rubbed off on you at some point " Jordan said. "Jordan if anything I use him" jenni said getting a crazy look from everyone in the room. "Omg get your mind out of the gutter! No I meant he buys me food and we go out together. You know I hate going out on my own" jenni explained "That is true." Sarah nodded."otherwise she would be stuck inside talking to herself and watching dramas" "Hey, okay okay off topic" jenni said. "So?" She asked.  "We'll see. Are we able to go out in public with them?" He asked.  "I don't see why not when there is more them just me and sarah" jenni shrugged. "I know a local place about a half hour away" Niki said. "That sounds good, it's open?" Sarah asked.  "Yea, open until 2" she nodded.
Alrighty so what you all think? lots of exciting interaction with people and Jenni just had to pass out her panda's to everyone she came across. I found that so funny and had to make sure to include. I wanted people to know who Ruby and Diamond are, apparently handing out stuffed animals makes people remember you lol I should so try that out. Oh and the reaction of her brother omg so great, I know my own brother would react that way,like really is this for real wheres a hidden camera type of deal lol. So Sarah how's dinner gonna go with everyone? your turn to take over! @SarahVanDorn !
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I loved the interactions the girls had with all the artists and when Jenni poked Jooheon's cheek I just thought it would be so cool to just talk to group and maybe hang out for a day like eat somewhere or go to a park and play that chicken fight game like I think it would be fun to just talk and hang out with these groups like they were friends and that's something I'm looking forward to if I can go next year, like if VIXX is there, I would love to have a staring contest with Leo but then again seeing any groups I would be Sarah and Jenni hyperventilating and crying and forget how to breath, mentally I wouldn't be prepared so it was probably a good idea I didn't go this year because SHINee, BTS AND Monsta-X I would die.
@SarahVanDorn As long as I get my UB, I can compromise on almost anyone else. :)
@JaxomB no I want I.M no matter what and minhyuk! @SweetDuella I'm wondering what I gonna do too lol
@JaxomB lol they seemed to be friendly with each other (bts and monsta x) lol omo you guys play that game too, I think alot of people do, hmm okay you two girls can have them but I get shownu (I steal from sarah ) 😂 @kpopaddict16 Thankies now I wonder what Sarah is gonna do in the next part it's gonna be interesting that's for sure
Monsta X and BTS seem to be friends....and the clip I saw of Jooheon putting confetti all over Suga's head is funny. I can see BTS boys getting jealous over the Monsta X boys getting the girls' attention too. After all, they are so cute. Since we play that "I get him" game here too, just letting you know Jooheon is mine. I wanted I.M. too but had to compromise, so he's Angela's.
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