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You wanted to do this for him.
Your hands were shaking as you waited for Yunhyeong to come home. This was the first time that you tried taking initiative in the bedroom, it was something that you had never done before. Doubt swarmed in your mind, what if you failed at pleasuring him and you just embarrassed yourself? Oh god, you would feel so bad if he forced himself to lie and pretend to like it. It seemed a little late to change your mind now as you looked at what you had been preparing the whole day.
The turn of the door knob interrupted you from further negative thoughts.
Yunhyeong froze in his tracks when he saw you. He couldn’t help but grin at the scene laid out before him. His eyes hungrily roamed your body exposed in all its glory.
Yunhyeong cupped your face and his thumb ran over your cheek. You leaned into his touch earning a small smile from him. As much as you would’ve liked to stay in this position you knew that his lower half was starting to react to your seductions.
“What’s the special occasion?” he asked.
“Just an experiment.” You noticed him bite his bottom lip hearing your reply.
You rejected his attempt to kiss you earning a small eyebrow raise.
“Let me be the one to pleasure you today, baby.”
With a burst of confidence you wrapped arms around his neck and engaged him in a kiss. Yunhyeong’s hands were at your back pushing you to come closer and feel his chest. You felt his tongue trying protrude your mouth, but you wouldn’t allow him. You were the one always being teased now it was your chance to get back at him. He let out a small pained whimper at your rejections, so you finally allowed his tongue to enter. Taking the opportunity Yunhyeong suddenly grabbed the back of your neck and shoved his tongue inside your warm mouth. He was more rough this time than usual and you weren’t shy to say that you liked it this way.
A thin string of saliva connected your lips after the separation. You stared into his eyes as your hand trailed down and into his pants. He looked confused yet starved for what was coming to him. Your thumb rubbed the tip for a bit before fully pumping his shaft. You earned a groan from him making you even more confident in your approach. Any doubt was washed away with Yunhyeong’s moans.
Yunhyeong’s breathing started getting uneven. He rested his head on your shoulder before sucking on your neck. In a matter of moments, he had found your sweet spot behind your ear. As much as you would’ve liked to be dominant one, in the end Yunhyeong always made you whimper in pleasure. However, you also noticed him groaning and squirming as your pace on the pumps sped up by a bit. You used his precum as a lubricant for faster sliding.
You were both turned on faster than either of you would admit. Yunhyeong’s panting was getting heavier and you could see that he couldn’t take anymore of the light-handed pleasure you gave him. He desperately needed a release. With one hand he guided your nimble fingers into his most sensitive spot and with the other he grabbed your chin to cover your mouth with his. Yunhyeong’s chest was heaving up and down. The kiss was sloppy yet incredibly urgent. He gasped against your mouth as you wrapped your fingers tighter around his shaft.
“Babygirl, use your mouth - I can’t take it anymore.” you heard Yunhyeong groan out.
He grasped your shoulders and gently pushed you down to go on your knees. You let out his manhood and finally saw it in all its mighty glory. In a state of awe you couldn’t see how Yunhyeong was looking at you with a lustful gaze. Licking your lips one more time, you gently grazed your teeth along the tip sending Yunhyeong in a state of pure sexual frustration. You were stealing his breaths with your mouth covering his most sensitive part.
Looking at you like this in the heat of the moment turned him on beyond measure. You were losing yourselves in each other, your peaks rapidly approaching. You were both getting off to each others images and moans. Yunhyeong was coming apart above you. His entire body tensed before he spilled into your mouth, you stayed still and swallowed like a champ. Yunhyeong growled through clenched teeth and bit his lip.
“Thank you, baby. You are the best, how did I ever get so lucky?”
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