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Hello Vingle Family!!!

My KCON escapades have finally ended. @LemonLassie arrived on Thursday and her plane just landed in Utah moments ago. We had a whirlwind adventure and I intend to tell you all about it.
But I am exhausted and am trying to get caught up on things I neglected over the past 6 days.... Reality sucks.... can it be KCON all the time?
I will get caught up on my cards in all my respective communities so for anyone who has been waiting on any of the usual stuff I post, they will return. I apologize for the delay.
@LemonLassie and I had an extremely busy schedule and we barely slept. We hit Koreatown and indulged in the full Korean spa experience. We met up with other Vinglers and went to an Escape Room. We attended all three days of the convention and Day 2 of the Concert, which was LIT AF (FIYAH OHAYOH~Jithighs are real)!!!
We bought a ton of merch (I got some amazing BTOB items... but the stuggle to find them was real), filled our bags with swag and freebies, won stuff, met JuNCurryAhn and JRE and other YouTubers and internet personalities.
We attended Flower Boy Cafe (one of my favorite parts of KCON). We were blessed with drivebys from Eric Nam and Twice (I got a high five). We got makeovers by Korean MUAs and had a fan engagement with Block B. We ate amazing food, made some great new friends and even planned a little surprise for @JiyongLeo (if you want to hear about that, click >>>HERE<<<).
In addition to all that, we saw the BIGBANG MADE movie on the big screen, toured the Queen Mary, hit the beach and even got an unexpected surprise from Snack Fever.
I fully intend to tell you about all of that over several cards in the coming days. @LemonLassie and I took tons of photo and video with the intention of reporting back to all you Vinglers who couldn't make KCON this year.
If you are interested in hearing the details, seeing photos/video and finding out about our adventure, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to tag you in our KCON cards.
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@Helixx thank you I will accept to join you guys it sounds like so much fun from what I read from this card I didn't get to do much last year since I'm not familiar with LA and I don't have a car I didn't plan much I just went for Kcon I didn't think much about going to other places like koreatown but hopefully nxt year I can do all that well we can all do that. I'm sure you were exhausted its tiring especially from all the screaming and fangirling right lol
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@YessicaCardenas We are so tired right now. I only have half a voice. Work shall be interesting today. I live in LA so I was able to plan a lot of things and I have a car so we could make it all happen. We planned this trip for 8 months and we only had 5 days to fit it all in. There is more we wanted to do but simply did not have the time so it must wait until next year.
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well I better be included in the tag list here 馃槤馃槤
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Oh whew! Thank GOD u have photos! I was terrified u didn't for a moment there lol. can't wait to see dem!!!
a year agoReply
I'm so glad that you guys had fun!! Please tag me in those cards so that I can hear all about it as well!!! ^'^
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