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Okay so I wanted to try something a little different then I normally do. Okay not so different. I wanted to do a reaction piece where a write a little scenerio and then see how people would react. There isn't to much back story. I debated who to chose and what group and Finally decided on B.A.P. Daehyun. So after reading leave a comment and let's see how people react to it. (I'm thinking if this goes over okay I may do another for various people/groups)
How is it going on a simple walk she could get herself lost. She had followed the bike path and thought that because of the multiple bridges she could get over to the other side still, apparently not.  The one bridge she had gone over was rickety and old and didn't really want to go back over it to retrace her steps. Pulling out her phone she saw there was only 10% left. "Im so tired of walking I don't want to anymore" U/N said plopping onto the ground. She was in the middle of a field,  yes a field how the hell did she find this place. Taking a moment she looked around her. "Okay it is really pretty out" she said. Her phone rang at that time. And there was a squawk next to her as she answered. "Holy crap geese!"  U/N called out. There was laughter over the phone. "Im lost and a goose just attacked me" she whined into the phone exaggerating what just happened. " where are you?" The male voice asked. "Dae I have no idea where I am, I'm lost" she said once more. "And my battery on my phone is almost dead. Help me" she whined "Crying about it won't help. Where are you?  " He asked "By water. Oh hey there's more to the path I wonder were it leads " U/N got up to explore.  "Don't move!" He said. "To late " she said going down the path "Hey I see the River again " she stated this is what happens when U/N goes exploring.  she walks on a path trying to figure out where she's actually at but gets sidetracked by adventure before her. Walking down in between trees next to the river she comes to a stream. Hopping across the way she makes it to the other side only to find a dead end. "Dae it was a dead end" she told him. "Where did you start from?" He asked. "Uhm the flower area?" She had no clue what it was called. "Thats helpful" he said, "I don't know the name of it" she cried out. When she made it back to the street her phone died, "Nooooo why must you hate me" she cried into the phone. Deciding she had no choice but to backtrack she went the way she came. She had to face her fear and go over the rickety bridge. So  because her phone died there was no one to vent to so she vented to herself about getting lost on a bike path, how is that possible? A half hour later she finally could see where she parked, thank god the sun was just setting and she wouldn't be locked in here. Approaching her car she saw someone leaning against a car next to hers. To tired to take notice of them she walked right past but was grabbed by the hand. "U/N" he said. "Dae!" She shouted surprised!!!! "What are you doing here?" She asked next confused " your best friend told me where you went to" he smiled. "Happy to see me?" he asked ? Okay so at this point how would you react, after getting lost and then suddenly at the end of the long walk you see Daehyun?
I'll tell you my response lol. I would be so happy to see him and jump on him. Then I may question why he didn't go looking for me if he knew I was there. Either way I would be extatic to see him, the reward of getting lost
@Kpossible4250 @JaxomB @Helixx @SarahVanDorn you girls all had great responses! lol oh my there's a couple punches going his way, hopefully playful ones. lol. but he came for you which is what mattered and a sweet gesture so of course he got a couple hugs too. 😊😀😁
I'd be wondering why he didn't have a drink waiting for me since he didn't go down the path to find me.
This is so cute! I would first hug him and then I would probably punch his arm and fein annoyance that he hadn't come looking for me. But then be really happy he found out from my friend where I was and come after me cause that's just so sweet. I assume we are dating in this scenario and not just friends so I would give him a big kiss and then go weak at his amazing smile. And if we aren't dating, I'd still give him a big kiss cause how are we not dating when he came to my rescue like that? Total boyfriend material right there.
punch him in the arm after giving him a huge hug
np :)
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