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It's time to introduce the lovely ladies of Spica!

Spica is a five-member, South Korean girl group under B2M Entertainment. They debuted on January 10, 2012 with the single "Doggedly." The music video sparked high interest in viewers as fellow label-mate Lee Hyori made an appearance. It was then announced on January 31 that they would have a formal debut with the mini-album "Russian Roulette." The full-length music video was released on February 7, with promotions for "Russian Roulette" began two days later. The group also released a repackaged extended play entitled "Painkiller" on March 29, promoting the title track with the same name. Spica returned with their second EP titled "Lonely" on November 21, 2012 promoting the title track "Lonely." The EP also included songs written by the members on Spica ( "With You", written by Kim Boa, "That Night" (그날 밤), written by Kim Bohyung, and "Since You're Out of My Life".). The album peaked at number 8 on Gaon's weekly album chart, selling 2,113 physical copies. On August 27, 2013, Spica released the digital single "Tonight" along with the music video in which Lee Hyori and her husband, Lee Sangsun, collaborated and produced. On August 30 Spica had their comeback performance at Music Bank and made Lee Hyori cry for them. With this single, the group was able to reach the top 10 in the Gaon Music Chart for the week of August 25–31, ranking tenth overall and eighth on the Downloads Chart with 102,297 downloads. On January 26, 2014, Spica released "You Don't Love Me," a single influenced musically and visually by soul music of the 1960s. The song was another collaboration with Lee Hyori and her production team, with the lyrics co-written by Kim Boa and Lee Hyori. Spica also released a song for the soundtrack of the Korean drama "Witch's Romance," called "Witch's Diary." In August 2014, Spica partnered with Billboard to release their first English-language single. The single, "I Did It", was produced by Oliver Goldstein, Cory Enemy and Daniel Merlot. The song and its music video were released August 6, and the group made their U.S. debut performance at KCON. On November 5, the entire group released the digital single "Ghost." The music video shows scenes of the group during 2014 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week. In March 2015, Spica provided the song "Because of You" for the Super Daddy Yeol OST. In December 2015, Spica signed an exclusive contract with CJ E&M. Then in March 25, 2016, they attended KCON Abu Dhabi along with other artists. In February 2016, it said that Spica would make a comeback in April 2016 but was delayed. Hangul: 스피카 Members: Boa, Sihyun, Narae, Jiwon, Bohyung Source


Real Name: Kim Bo-ah Nickname: A Fool Birthday: January 14, 1987 Height: 171 cm Position: Main Vocalist, Leader Twitter: @boa870114 Instagram: @tomboaaa


Real Name: Park Joo-hyun Nickname: Ju Bongee, Park Jara Birthday: November 29, 1986 Height: 168 cm Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist Instagram: @sihyun_park_ Twitter: @p_joo


Real Name: Park Na-rae Nickname: Park Nal, Park Do Birthday: February 23, 1988 Height: 165 cm Position: Main Vocalist Instagram: @park.narae.77 Twitter: @shsl7


Real Name: Yang Ji-won Nickname: N/A Birthday: April 5, 1988 Height: 166 cm Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group Instagram: @wldnjs62 Twitter: @ppjwy


Real Name: Kim Bo-hyung Nickname: Miss Bbo Birthday: March 31, 1989 Height: 167 cm Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae Instagram: @bohyungkim Twitter: @bohyungkim89 Profile

Please check these girls out and show them some love and support!

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I've heard about some of the members before and they're all very pretty!!!! Also, there song names sound so cool!!!!!! I will definetly have to check these girls out!!!!