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During times like these when you feel the whole world on your shoulders and feel like crying. Don't hold it in. Cry as much as you want. I'll lend you my shoulder if you need comfort.
Remember those happy moments that were spent, but never look back at those bad ones. Think about the happiest moments you spent with them and keep it safe inside your heart.
If you feel lonely or start missing remember that you have many people here that will hold you up and stand by your side.
I'll be praying for you and your family~ ♡ Times like these are always tough, but always remember that you are not alone.
I believe there is a God and that he is carrying you and holding your hand through out these tough times. *SENDING YOU A BIG AND WARM HUG*
Tagging My Monbebe List because the Monsta X Moderator needs us right now. If you make a card for @VatcheeAfandi99 please tag her and @BBxGD so all these cards could be organized into one folder or collection.
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@MonAnnahiX thanks it means a lot to know that I have support outside of my family.
@MonAnnahiX Awwwh....idk what to say but THANK YOU. it literally made me.cry that was such an amazing card I loved it 😢😢😢😢💙💙💙💙
Fighting @VatcheeAfandi99 💪😊 MBBs stick together expecially in hard times; I'm glad you liked it~ ♡
I'm so glad that people like you guys exist!! Cheering people on through their tough times!! It really helps people out!!!! And those Monsta X gifs were always very nice ^-^ Everybody keep fighting!!! We're right beside you no matter what!!!
@CrookedShadow aaah don't make me blush 😶 I honestly do it from the heart. I hate seeing ppl struggle or feeling some type of way & when someone reaches their hand out to me I can't give them my back. Everyone (including myself) feels sad, depressed, lonely, etc. once in a while and what better way than for them to know that they are not alone~ 😊