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@Defy24601 I like the back of class and if the subject is boring and even if it isnt im likely to start space casing and 4,9, 16 and/or 17 would be the perfect seats. Though Momma Junior and Papa JB might yell at Yugyeom and I to actually pay attention
I have no freaking idea either seat 6,7,9, or 4. Because I mean come on it's Namjoonie we are talking about here. Just to be in the same room as he is would be out of this world let alone siting in one of this four seats near him. But I think I would probably die if I was sitting at seats 4 or 9 especially 4. But in reality I'm usually most comfortable sitting in a corner where I can space off when ever... But I guess I'm gonna go with seat 9..
I would definitely sit in 16, bias Minho and Bias Jungkook both next to me~