(Requested by: @taetaebaozi) You went into the house anticipating to see your boyfriend. You didn't text him or contact him earlier, because you wanted it to be a surprise. As you went in, you called his name, "Minseo-" You stopped when you saw the clothes on the floor. Traces of a girl and the eagerness of both of them wanting each other. You furrowed your brows as you slowly went up the stairs. The more you got closer to his room, you heard moans of pleasure, and... Minseok's voice. He was... Enjoying her. The door was open, leaving a tiny space for you to see what they were doing. As you stood infront of the door, you closed your eyes trying deny your imagination. When you opened your eyes, you saw reality coming at you. They were both searching each other's body and was almost to the point where they were going to make love. A tear drop just fell down. You dropped the presents you brought for him. Minseok and the 'unknown' girl both stopped what they were doing and looked straight at you. Minseok hurried and came to you. "Hey honey..." "Don't call me that." Your voice was shaking from the shock. "I'll explain to yo-" "Don't explain. Don't make me feel even worse by letting me realize that I wasn't able to take care of my boyfriend." "It's not your fau-" "STOP!" It felt like everything stopped. He made a small gasp that made him stop breathing. Even the girl in the bed stopped her actions. You couldn't handle everything you were going through. The voices inside your head were whispering to you, 'Forgive him. He said it's not your fault.' But another said, 'LEAVE.' Minseok touched your shoulder, but you slapped his face, "Don't touch me." He looked at you with his innocent stare. "Don't look at me like that. You're not innocent at all." He didn't speak. Inside your head was almost like a film of memories going through you. The moment when he asked you out, the first time you guys made love, all the concerts you attended for him, all the kisses, hugs, the moments you waited for his text, the moments you waited to listen to his voice... It was all nothing now. You left him. Standing. Shirtless. You ran out the door crying. After you left, Minseok looked through presents you got him. A scrap book. He looked through it. Day 1. The scrap book had everything from day 1 to now. All the things you guys did together, actually, all the things he did. There wasn't really much about you. All about his accomplishments as a celeb, as your boyfriend. His heart broke at the fact that he hurt you. But it was too late now. >>>>>>>> 5 months later >>>>>>>> You were single. How could you forget that memory. Your brother gave you a gift. An exo concert. Wow. At first you weren't going to go, but you were curious. You waited in the arena waiting for them to come out. You were surprised that your brother actually got you good seats. As they came out, all the girls were cheering except for you. The girls around you looked at you like 'What is this non-exo fan doing here?' The boys looked different. They looked more mature. Minseok was... He was still looking great as ever. The concert was coming to an end and the boys each said they're comments. It became Minseok's turn. "I would like to thank all our Exo L's and my family, and you can't forget the members. I just want to tha-" He stopped talking as he saw you. You were surprised and flustered that he noticed you. He shook his head and went back to his comment, "thank everyone for... Supporting us. Love you guys." And he stopped. The concert ended, and Minseok ran out of the arena looking for you. You quickly tried to get out of the place. You were denying the fact that you still loved him. You were indenial. A tear dropped from your eyes. When you came out from the arena you saw a familiar person. He was wearing a black hat, a grey hoodie, and his ripped jeans. He grabbed your wrist and started running. You two arrived at a place that was dark, and dirty. You knew who it was. Minseok. You promised yourself that you wouldn't see his face again, you knew you weren't supposed to be here. You shouldn't have came to the concert. Everything was wrong. He slowly took off his hat and fixed his hair. His presence brightened the place. You were reminded once again, that he was perfection. "(Y/n), why are you... Here?" "Don't worry, I didn't come here to see you. My brother got me a ticket and I didn't want him to feel bad." "(Y/n). I missed you." "Stop." "(Y/n) did you miss me?" "...no..." "Don't lie. I still see it in your eyes that you love me..." "No. Stop. Stop it." "Please." He touched your face ." You stepped back repelling his touch. "I saw your present that you left that day." "Did you throw it away?" It started to rain. "NO. I still have it. After you left, I realized that, you were the reason to my happiness. You were the only one that could make me smile. You were the only one that I will be able to love." You tried to deny that you loved him. But, you couldn't hate him. He was everything to you still. "Please forgive me." He pulled you into a hot kiss. The one that had so much meaning to it. The kiss was representing an apology. The rain was falling on both of your faces, making the kiss even hotter and steamier. You pulled back. "Minseo-" "Look at me." You looked at his eyes, "(y/n) I love you" He pulled you in for another one. He was all yours.
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