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We all sat in silence in the decorated living room. Streamers were hung from the ceiling, party snacks were arranged on the coffee table, a cake set in the middle that had ‘Happy Birthday Tae!’ written in red icing, and a big Happy Birthday banner hung on the wall behind us. Only one thing was missing: the birthday boy himself. Tears brimmed my eyes at the thought of Tae being gone forever.

“We’ll get him back. He’s like our brother. We would never let anyone hurt him.”

“This is all my fault,” I whispered.

“Don’t say that Cathleen. None of this is your fault.”

“He’s my father isn’t he?” I cried out. “If you had never met me, none of this would have happened!”

“Cathleen calm down,” Jungkook soothed, laying his hand on the curve of my back. My breathing slowed, and I relaxed at his touch. “We’ll find him. There is no point in throwing the blame at someone.”

“We need to take this guy seriously. This proves that ignoring him is not a good thing to do,” Hoseok reasoned.

“But what he wants is ridiculous! How can he expect Cathleen to have a baby with Jungkook? Especially when they’re not even married,” Yoongi exclaimed.

“We haven’t even been dating that long.”

“Exactly,” Jin agreed.

“Can she just lie, and tell him she’s pregnant?”

“I’m sure he would ask to see proof.”

“It’s not that hard to come up with proof. Just find a pregnant lady and tell her to pee on one of those sticks. It will come up positive, and then we can send a picture of it to him.”

“Something tells me it won’t be that easy to deceive him.” I glanced at Namjoon from the corner of my eye. Usually he was the one coming up with the plans, and trying to figure things out. He hadn’t said a word the whole time.

“Namjoon what do you-”

“Here’s the plan,” he cut me off. “This guy is too powerful for us to handle alone. He’s a mass murderer that’s wanted in many countries. Just listen, and let me explain what’s going on. I was working for him up until a few days ago. I was blackmailed into it, but I assumed he wouldn’t harm any of you. After I learned that was not true, I decided I wouldn’t work for him anymore, even if it cost me my life. I know where he his hiding, and I know what his plans are. Cathleen and Jungkook aren’t really from a different world. He had me plant a false memory in your minds so that you would get together quicker, thinking you were engaged to each other. He believes that if you have a baby with an idol, people will ignore his crimes, and he won’t be charged.”

“He does realize that’s not how it works, right?”

“Obviously not if he’s trying to get Cathleen pregnant with Jungkook’s child.” Me and Jungkook ignored the chatter between the other guys.
“We’re not engaged.”
“There was no other world.” The tears from earlier resurfaced, threatening to fall.
“It’s ok Cathleen, there’s no need to cry.”
“What will happen to us?”
“What do you mean?”
“Now that you know we never had a past together, you don’t have to like me.” He snorted.
“Do you really think that’s the only reason I liked you? I was attracted to you the day we met at the fan meet. Did I think it would come to this? No, but that doesn’t mean I want to break everything off, and pretend you never existed.”
“Hey love birds, you listening?” We both snapped out of our trance, and looked at Yoongi.
“We need to call the police, and give them all of the information we have.” My eyes widened.

“Namjoon, he’ll know it was you.”

“That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

“Oh no you don’t. We’re not losing anyone in this battle,” I argued.

“If he’s caught, he’ll be given the death sentence right?” Namjoon nodded. “So does whoever catches him have permission to shoot him on capture?”

“I don’t think that’s how the justice system works Jimin.”

“He’s been wanted for years. Shooting him can’t be that big of a deal.”

“Now I never said he couldn’t accidently be killed.”

“How do you purposely accidently kill someone?”

“What about out of self-defense?”

“Justifiable homicide, if there is great enough proof that it was done to prevent greater harm to others, then it’s considered blameless.”

“Cathleen would have to be the one to kill him then.” I froze. I have to kill someone? My own father? Jungkook grabbed my hand to comfort me.

“You can’t make her kill her own father. Why does she have to do it?” Jungkook raged, sensing my fear.

“She would have the greatest reason out of all of us to do it. Because even if she does what he tells her to do, he plans on killing you! And the rest of us too!” Namjoon shouted. My grip on Jungkook’s hand tightened. Everyone was silent at what was just revealed. “Therefore, she would be killing him to prevent him from murdering her fiancé, and her family, justifying the homicide.”

“How do we prove his intent to kill us though.” Namjoon pulled out a tube of lip balm. He pulled the cap off to reveal a small black device hidden inside. He pressed a button, and I instantly recognized the voice that began speaking from it.
“Once the baby is born, I must kill the rest of them so that they can’t get in my way. All seven of them, including Namjoon. Then I can have my daughter and granddaughter all to myself. No one will dare bother me if I have an idol’s child in my possession. I, Kang Dae-won, will be a free man!”
“Wow he really is a nutcase,” Jimin murmured.

“So then what do we do right now?”

“Right now we need to get help from the NIS*. They’re in charge of the case since he’s a national criminal. I’m sure the FBI wouldn’t turn down the offer to help as well.”

“We’ll bring him down whatever it takes.” The boys all nodded before separating. Namjoon went to contact the NIS and FBI to give them the information, while the others began to take down the decorations. I was still frozen and my grip on Jungkook’s hand never weakened. He gave me a worried look, before pulling me into his arms. I held him like it was the last chance I would ever get to hug him. He rubbed my back to ease my mind.

“I’m tired,” I whispered.

“Let’s go take a nap. Today was emotionally draining. I’m sure you’re tired.” He scooped me up into his arms, and carried me to our room. He set me on the bed gently, and disappeared into the bathroom. He came back with a wipe to clean the makeup off my face and helped me change into more comfortable clothes. He kicked off his slippers and pulled off his shirt before joining me in bed.

“Don’t leave me,” I whimpered into his chest.

“Not in a million years Jagi. Not in a million years.”

*National Intelligence Service - Pretty much the FBI of South Korea
It's not very long, but it's a chapter! I will go back an edit it probably later tonight, so excuse the small errors if there are some! (I promise there were probably many)
@11erinmims Glad I could help. 😊
@drummergirl691 Holy moly thank you so much for pointing that out! I fixed all of the parts with Taehyung in it! When I write, most of the time I just imagine who fits the line better and just type their name without any other thought! I completely just blew over the fact that Tae wasn't there😅
Loved this chapter! However, did I miss something? I thought V was kidnapped in the last chapter. 😯
I just had the feeling that something bad is going to happen .
But did the birthday boy ever get his birthday ice cream? Such a tragedy... and that twist with the memories! Omigawd I has such bad feeling...😑
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