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Corny drama soundtrack that you secretly love to listen to.
I chose the 2013 Kdrama Gu Family Book starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy from Miss A. Not only was the plot right up my ally with mystical creatures and mysterious powers with a splash of true love but the music was so freakin' cheesy.

Cheese everywhere!

(I like cheese)

Lee Sang Gon (NOEL) - My Love is Hurt

Not only is Lee Sang Gon's voice smooth like warm honey, but the lyrics itself are deep.

The chorus is what hits me in the feels everytime.
"Love hurts like catching a cold, Tears are bitter because it comes from love."

Suzy (Miss A) -Don't Forget Me

I personally love everything about Suzy, her acting, her flawless skin, that fact that everything she does is adorable. But her voice just.... ugh.


My favorite line from this song is,
" Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a lot? "

Yisabel - My Eden

My Eden is by far my favorite which is why it's was the last one. It's in english, in a cute way. You'll see what I mean when you watch it.

It's sung in a chorus style which means more than just the main singer. Each voice leads the others in place of instruments, enhancing the sound till you have chills.
It's just beautiful.


If you haven't seen Gu Family Book it's amazing. I've must have watched it more than 10 times sense it came out!

Can you think of any other OST's that really spoke to you??

Leave a comment and I'll look it up.
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Let me know what you think!