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Guys please help me with this I really want BTS to come to Baltimore. I've always wanted to see them but my mom wont allow me to go out of Baltimore. I've meet some ARMYS at warped tour so it would be incredible to see them. So can you guys please help us into bringing them here. The link is here http://mmt.fans/X70
Speechless I have no words to describe them. Which is rare for me when it comes to music. I just love their music it gets me in my feelz. So please help to get them here. http://mmt.fans/PhD
Everytime I hear their music im up dancing like a damn fool. Their performance at MAMA like Shinee BTS Monsta X & Got7 is still on the money. The energy level from the fans is through the roof. I would be awezome to meet them & the fans http://mmt.fans/X8a
I gonna need BTS to save me. Another speechless time. I wanted to go to the Fly concert but not allowed to leave Baltimore which really fucking sucks. Like for real the iGOT7 community are so fucking sweet its unbelievable. http://mmt.fans/X8J
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I agree with you or to D.C