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The Last Drama I've Seen

I like watching multiple dramas within the same timeframe. Due to this reason it is a normal routine for me to drift off from one drama and come back to it at a later time. So yesterday I finally caught up on drama I was suppose to finish months ago.

Descendants of the Sun

I drifted away from DOTS after episode 13 and yesterday I caught up with the last three episodes. Just when I thought the random advertisements is going to ruin the show the characters and their relationship saved it. I don't mind if there was product placements if it made sense but there were certain scenes the random products just came out of no where.
Anyways off to the positive note:
For the entire episode the main leads and supporting character had a rocky road. How many times do they have to be separated, reunited and to separate again? COUNTLESS. Though, despite the their occasional clashes the characters managed to grab our heart with their determination to find ways to compromise and love one another.
In a sense, this type of relationship is different in K-drama. It's always nice to not watch the annoying messy love triangle and extremely arrogant villain. All the relationships shown here is raw and genuine. The men were smart, responsible and respectable (and adorable), the women were actually strong-minded, independent and brave.
In conclusion, it's a drama that will lighten your heart and ponder upon the fact that life isn't that bad after all if love is alive.

Farewell, special unit until we meet next time on my computer screen.

What's the last drama you've seen? Feel free to comment below or join the challenge!
@cindystran I heard to but I'm still gonna give it a chance
@biancadanica98 I think i might just wait to watch W & Doctors. I'm not really into uncontrollably fond at the moment. I heard it wasn't that good.
@biancadanica98 Yup! now the only Korean drama I'm catching is the Good Wife. I heard good stuff about W so might watch it. The thing is I don't really like following dramas that are airing because it takes forever to wait for the next episode.
Yay, you finished it. lol you already know what dramas I finished. I love DOTS!
@cindystran I'm going to wait for W, Uncontrollably Fond and Bring It On Ghost to finish airing until I start them. I still have to watch Oh My Ghost. I promised myself to watch that one sometime before 2016 ends.