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For Bringing Super junior to America for more concerts in the future or at least making them acknowledge our presence in the United States, I have a plan. Okay, it’s not my plan completely, but I know some ELF in other countries like Romania, who tried doing this, so I was like hey, why don’t ELF in the United States also try this. This is For Everyone Who Lives in the United States and Canada; yes I want Canadian ELF to meet suju. Okay, so, let’s begin with Twitter, shall we? As far as I know I don’t think ELF in America have a page on Twitter, so let’s begin with that. On twitter please follow: okay I suck with twitter so I need like admins, who can help me with twitter? It’s okay if there are more than two or three people who want to help, I need at least one person. If you want to apply please contact me via email; Then on Facebook please like the page The more followers and likes we have the more likely SJ is to notice us, and who knows, maybe they might follow us on twitter? No this isn’t the end yet; I have just a few more things left. Have any of you heard of Flitto? that’s where I get the English translation for all of super junior twitter updates and what not ^^ anyways, click on Yesung and Leeteuk’s names, once you get there, you’ll see ‘Letter to Leeteuk’ and ‘Letter to Yesung’. no, this does not apply to any of the other members BUT we can send letters to Leeteuk and Yesung, telling them about us; The north American ELF. At the end of every letter, north American ELF have to say something that indicates that they are north American elf, so at the end of the letters just put ‘NorthAmericanELF’ The only reason I’m doing this is because I want SJ to realize that they have a lot of ELF in North America, I want them to know that North American elf love them ^^ It really would mean a lot if everyone could help out ^^ btw i did this all in the past four hours, things are so rushed TT.TT @ballingbabe13 @evelynmendoza14
@divalycious thank you~
@aneezaful you got the support of this Cnd ELF :D
Yeah to follow me just look up @sweet_evee and when you follow me on my account I have some of the members which are their real account. :) if you need ask anything else I'm here to help.
@aneezaful @evelynmendoza14 I made twitter account! Do i follow you guys? how do i find superjunior lol
I got it!! :D
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