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You all know I love Hakyeon in every way shape and form, but I am totally biased towards his darker hairstyles.

Specifically his chocolatey brown hair :3

And now we have this hair :3

Which hair style do you love most on Hakyeon?

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He looks good in anything, any color, any style... hell, he could wear a potato sack and still be beautiful. I love him with all his hairstyles/colors.
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I love his natural brown, but his blonde was also SUPER fierce. He looks good any way he goes.
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@kpopandkimchi bless you for this card my ultimate bias from vixx is Hakyeon so thanks so much
a year ago·Reply
I love chocolate Hakyeon! But i really do think darker colours suit this man. He always looks fab
a year ago·Reply
@LemonLassie that's what I'm saying dark colors suit him very well I mean all colors do but I love dark colors on him
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