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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks bunny poop looks like Cocoa Puffs.

I love breakfast cereal. When I was a kid, a bowl of cereal was probably my most-consumed snack, and you know that your weird cereal obsession has caught on when your friends buy you a box of your favorite cereal - ahem, Cinnamon Toast Crunch - for your birthday and you react like it's a brand new iPad. I can't help it I'm easy to please.

What's your favorite cereal? And if you're not much of a cereal eater anymore, what was your favorite as a kid?

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@SeoInHan I do it all the time! ^_^
a year ago·Reply
@ZoilaObregon Almond milk is so good in cereal! I agree.
a year ago·Reply
@LCordz Omgggg. I remember it. It was so good.
a year ago·Reply
@TylerCassalata I've never even SEEN a s'mores cereal!
a year ago·Reply
@SeoInHan Now I want Apple Jacks. Effff.
a year ago·Reply