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We are living in the world. however,one of the peoblem we have to accept the unfair in society. otherwise company,society, country is too huse than our expected. I think that the company can live because of our spending. however, some company think that most people can live by our company. the thinking is fault. since industry revolution, many company have succeed. theirs authority is advanced more and more all over the world. in the situation, we have to change the thinking that 'the company can live by our spending. that a reason we can have claim that we haven't to endure the unequal. this is my thinking. how think about it?. I hope to listen your opinion.
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If I understood you correctly you stated that life is unfair. True enough some individuals have landed in circumstances that are worse then mine, others better. That is not unfair that is life. As stewards of our own ships in life we have the (or should, it is born to us.) If we are equal in the eyes of law and figure out how to use our gifts then we equally can achieve. Some people are gifted and hard workers others are not. That is life. Now spending, you mean spending as an economic model to improve the economy? No false, first saving is beneficial, be diverse in your resources/currencies save for and with things to barter, skills, bit of gold, crypto currency and things thatwill trade well when the world loses confidence in fiat- paper currency. Companies that have not used government force or cartel behavior to monopolize, well the owner who knew how to start the business, risked the capital gets to do what he wants with it, likely keep investing in the business and of course paying the people working at his business. Win-win. I do not get why consumers would buy just to buy. Need things, then yes, really want something and you decide it is worth the expense.