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Que tal peeps!

I hope you are enjoying this series. As promised I'm making another part.

Yall know the drill

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Besos and Blessings up!

You could hear someone on the other line as Jimin's face went from happy to dark again. Everyone wonders who was on the other line. Jimin voice was very serious as he spoke to Hansol. "You pretty boys really got some balls coming up in my place and shooting it up. You really scared by bitches and then stole my main prize bitches." "What the fuck do you want? Leave my woman and her friend alone asshole." Jimin says. "Or what you gonna make some Kpop song about me." Hansol pauses and laughs. "I guess the media would love to know about you all. They would pay big bucks for this." You were listening with all your might. Jimin did not have the phone on speaker but wolf like hearing is a trait you gained from being in the circus for so long. It was a skill for survival. "I don't give a fuck send that shit and I will rat your ass out. I know the police would love to know about the King of the circus." Jimin says. "Ah you do got some balls. I like that. I always thought you Kpop punks were pussies. Let's make a deal. You can pay for their freedom and I will leave you all alone. You speak about ratting me out but right now I have a sniper pointed at your parents cafe. They look so cute making coffees and shit. You rat me out I will kill your family." Hansol says. You grab the phone from Jimin. "Fine Hansol how much! Just don't kill his family. His mom and dad has nothing to do with this." "Ah Wild Child my favorite girl." Hansol say. Jimin grabs the phone from you. "Look don't ever address her. You speak to me. Name a price and place." "$500,000.00 in USA bills tonight at the Red Light Club. Be there with the cash at 1 am or deal is off." Hansol says and then hangs up. "How the fuck did he get my number?" You yell. "You know he has his ways. Besides guys you don't have to pay for me. I have some cash saved up and..." Maranda says. "Baby I got you. Plus I hate this creep." Jungkook says. "Baby? What the hell?" You smile. "When did this happen?" "Probably after the fucked." Yoongi said. "Wow you are rude bro. But yeah he's right." Maranda laughed. Jungkook blushed. Jimin face was hard and he grabbed you aside. "Look don't undermine me in front of the guys and especially Hansol. I know you are a strong woman but baby let me be the man. I will protect you." "Undermine? I was protecting your mother and father. I mean at least you got parents who love you. Don't get all worked up." You say while attempting to brush his hair. He pushed your hand away. "I mean it. Shit like this. You need me and I need you to let me protect you. I'm serious kitten." Jimin eyes were serious but loving. You could tell he meant business. The least you could do was not argue and get in the way. You knew your man had your back.
The guys were going over their plan. It seemed like a good plan but you hated that they left you out. "Yoongi, Jungkook, and Namjoon will go with me. Tae we need you to drive the car. You did so well last time. Jin and Hobi will say here with the girls. Yoongi said a few of his boys will drive behind us in their car and accompany us. I will hand this bitch the money and settle the score." Jimin says. You hold your tongue and don't chime in. Even though you want to complain about staying home like house wives. However you know that being out the way would allow the guys to focus. "Yeah we got guns oh deck bro. Ready to bust a cap in anyone's ass." Yoongi says. The guys nod. It was about 1 pm now and they decided to chill before it was time to get bossed up.
Jimin was laying in his bed reading a book. You waltz in a robe. He looks up from his book he was reading. You smile at him. "What are you up to?" Jimin says while grinning. You stand on his side of the bed and allow the robe to slowly open. It exposed your sheer pink thongs and part of your right nipple. Jimin could feel his shorts getting tighter. You give him this innocent look. "Well my Oppa has been working so hard to protect his kitten. And I think I should work hard to and show him how much I love him." Jimin sits up and begins sucking on your exposed nipple. It felt so good. You run your hands through his hai as he plays with your other nipple. Then he rubs you through your thong. He pulls off your robe and smacks your butt. You moan in pressure. He kisses you deeply and them runs his lips on your ear. "Well show your Oppa how much you love him." Jimin says in a deep voice. You pull down shorts. You grin at the fact that he had on no boxers. You kneel before him and begin running your hand up and down his length. You begin teasing his tip with your tongue. Jimin watches you and he bites his lips. You grin and begin taking his length into your mouth. You begin slowly sucking him making sure to make loud noises. Jim groans as he pulls your hair. His eyes roll back and he began going faster and taking him deeper. He naturally begins moving his hips. "Kitten slow down." He groans. He picks you up and places you on all fours in the bed. He yanks off your thong and slides his index finger inside you. "Ah you are so wet already." Jimin says. He begins adding his middle fingers forcing you to stretch. You groan and ask for him to stop teasing you. He ignores you and begins moving his finger back and forth making you squeal. You beg for him to love you. Jimin enters himself inside you causing you to grip the sheets and moan. He loves the sound you make as he pulls you onto him. He slowly begins pumping into you and then he picks up pace. All you could feel was pleasure and hear you two groaning and slapping noises. He moves you to the head board and press you up against it while loving you from behind. He wraps his left hand around you to tickle your bud as he plunges deeper into you. "Say you love it." He moans into you ear. "I love it." You gasp while drooling. He continues to love you until you both begin to climax. You could feel your legs go numb and your vision become blurry. "Ah kitten I love you so much." He grunts. "I love you too Oppa." You moan as you two slump into the bed. After making love you two hit the shower as you were praying for round 2.
The time had come when the guys were getting ready to meet Hansol. You hug Yoongi, Jungkook, Tae, and Namjoon. You looked Jimin in his eyes and began crying. He kisses you deeply and hugs you. All you could think was that you couldn't do this any more. You couldn't live like this nor be without Jimin and the guys. "We will be back baby." He whispers. "I love you Jimin. I love you all. You just don't know how much this means." You say through your tears. You hold on tight to Jimin. Jin softly pulled you away and you cried in his arms. "We will take care of the girls. You all just make sure you make it back alive." Jin says ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ Everyone took their places. Jimin, Namjoon, Jungkook, and Yoongi walked into the club. Jimin had the briefcase with the hard cash. Leech meet up with the guys and lead them to Hansol. Hansol was sitting at a table with his two buff guards at the door. Hansol excused the 5 women who were half dressed and greeted the guys with a smile. "Well we finally meet Park Jimin and gang." Hansol said. "Sit let's chat a bit." "Look I'm not here to chat. Let's handle this and move one with our lives." Jimin says. "Fine. Give me the money." Hansol says. "Wait we want it in writing. You and your scumbag bag crew will leave all members of BTS and anyone associated with us alone. You will no longer harass my woman Maranda. They are free and never had any association with you and this circus. Plus you will trash all those pictures." Jimin said. "Fine. Leech write all this up. We have some smart boys on our hands. In the meantime drink. Let's toast to this business deal. I am a fan you know." "What the hell? You threaten to ruin our lives and then claim you are an ARMY? Bro you are sick." Namjoon says. Hansol laughs. "Good thing you got those bitches when you did. I was going to turn them out. Good job breaking Wild Child in. I know she's still super tight. That girl is so sexy and smells so sweet." Jimin was getting super pissed. He wanted to punch this guy in the face. Hansol got up and stood next to Yoongi. He licked his lips. "If you ever need any extra cash.." He ran his hand across Yoongi's pale skin. "I do enjoy men from time to time." Yoongi was seeing red and all of a sudden.......

Awesome heck no! What will happen next?! Until next time peeps!

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Nooooo, not my YOONGI. Leave him alone! 😢🔪
In Jimin's voice:What the hell man?????? Hansol is one sick dude!!!!!
Haha Hansol tryna tap that Yoongi lmao
WHOA! he is brave as hell. Yoongi will snap his neck. this is riveting!
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