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Hey Friends,so about 2 weeks ago I broke my old phone so I had to suffer without it for 1 week and 6 days ,so I would have higher lvl Pokemon and trainer if that didn't happen, and I've been on this new phone for only 6 days now,so ya, any team mystic that are higher mind giving me any pointers plz???✌✌
@LCordz lol it's fine and k,btw, I caught that rapidash at 500 cp with one poke ball in the middle of nowhere
If you're trying to level up quickly, wait until you have enough candies to evolve a lot of your Pokemon (pidgey, ratata, zubat, weedle, caterpie those Pokemon pop up the most) When you have enough candies to evolve like 2-3 of most of those Pokemon listed, turn on your lucky egg before you do it because that doubles your xp from evolving. So instead of 500xp from evolving, you get 1000. And if it's an evolved form you don't have yet, you get 2000xp because you're also registering a new Pokemon in your pokedex
That's awesome. That happens to me too! I found a freakin horsea the the middle of tall grass. No water anywhere nearby! Did you catch your vaporeon and jolteon or evolve them?
Sorry that was long lol. I'm team valor btw!
Muk looks cute, lol.