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Some pics of all those times ravi has offered leo a flower
awe how ravi can make leo laugh *-*
The amount of Wontaek gifs and pics on my phone surprises me everytime ..
Also the moment they asked leo and ravi to remake a scene in a drama, leo as the female lead and ravi the male Awww shy shy shy leo @Helixx @Princess2425 @EliseB If anyone wants to also get tagged in further wontaek cards please tell me :3
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Oh my gosh I totally love these two together! I think I ship them more then anyone else in the group. Its like they just have this bond/understanding of one another. 😍😂
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Tag me :D
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@Princess2425 I know right
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@Emilykitetenjo - Totes! I never noticed how much Leo tends to bite the other members. Mostly Ravi it seems. And Ravi just lets him (sometimes) 😄
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