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Anyone else see this? Looks like Willem Dafoe has been cast is Ryuk in the upcoming Death Note movie! I'm skeptical of how this movie will turn out, but I think this casting choice may be about as perfect as they could possibly get, at the very least! Thoughts? article: http://screenrant.com/death-note-movie-willem-dafoe-ryuk/
I don't know about the movie as a whole but I think he'd do a fantastic job Im glad they picked him
I'м eхcιтed вυт ιғ тнey мeѕѕ υp тнe мovιe lιĸe тнey dιd wιтн тнoѕe wιll noт вe naмed I'll вe υpѕeт
the goblin is perfect for this
@OtakuDemon10 I feel ya, but I love this anime and I'm excited for the movie but I'm worried about how they did with the past two movies that didn't stick with the cartoon or manga/anime
@SimplyAwkward not getting my hopes up, but I feel like Death Note has a better chance of working in live action than most other anime, you know?
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