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Sexy boys NCT 127 *heart eyes and drools* okay! You guys want to know more about NCT 127? Well check this out, On August 1st, SM Entertainment’s rookie boy group NCT 127 guested on the KBS radio show “Park Ji Yoon’s Music Plaza”, where they were asked about their life in the dorm. Yass!
The Host, Park Ji Yoon asks them to all respond at the same time to her questions, and first asks which member is the tidiest. The members immediately answer that it’s their leader, Taeyong. Interesting right?! Park Ji Yoon then asks only Taeyong which member he thinks is the messiest. Taeyong hesitates for a moment and apologizes before replying that it’s Yuta, LOL! Taeyong put Yuta on blast xD!! He cracks everyone up by saying that Yuta even tends to make a mess with the toothpaste, maybe because he has a “manly” image. “Everyone, I’m a tidy person!” protests Yuta. How cute! Maknae Haechan is chosen as the noisiest and most “beagle” like member, and Yuta says Haechan keeps the atmosphere up in the dorm. Happy virus alart! They then choose WinWin as the member they worry about and want to take care of, and Jaehyun explains that he seems a bit like a baby. Well WinWin does look like a baby to me, he's so precious! ♡ When asked which member talks in their sleep, the guys reveal that it’s Mark, who Jaehyun says falls asleep really fast in their top bunk. Yuta adds that Mark even raps in his sleep! Jaehyun shares that it’s in both English and Korean, as Mark laughs in surprise. Wow lol that is so cool and cute!! It would be great if they caught him on camera rapping in his sleep xD I really want to see that! This was NCT 127’s first appearance on a radio show as a group. 》Source: Soompi 《 It seems that the full video isn't available yet? But if it comes up I will keep everyone posted or if anyone knows, let me know :)
They are currently promoting their debut track “Fire Truck” on music shows, with their most recent performance on July 31’s episode of “Inkigayo.” huh those fan chants are so beautiful!! They slayed hard xD
Who is your bias in NCT 127? and why? Comment down below! *Photos and videos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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My bias is Mark and its funny to know I'm not the only one that talks in my sleep... although I don't rap😂
ive never hears of someone rapping in their sleep that's awesome
Jaehyun. he is just so sexy and adorable
I don't have a bias but I love watching their NCT life on the V live app! the interactions with one another is great is watch. 😀
Taeyong, he just had this vibe even during NCT U that made me interested in him. At first I thought he had a scary yet unique vibe, but now it's that plus the manly cute boy type of vibe.