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Just When Gators Couldn't Get Scarier.

Because a trip to the Everglades is never fully complete until you're tripping out with your good friend, Albie The Alligator.

What do you guys think happens when a gator's on drugs?

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@danidee yes ma'am! It was so cute and adorable, but they have attitude and hiss at you the whole time unless they're tame. Honestly, it just makes them cuter. Lol ^_^
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@ButterflyBlu you're brave馃挭
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@cees lol thanks! 馃挭 I might just be crazy! 馃槅馃槈
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@cees Those are all incredibly interesting artists! At least you didn't get stuck with any boring ones lol.
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@ButterflyBlu That's so cute. Cranky gator babies lol.
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