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Monsta X just left Los Angeles not so long ago.

They were spotted at LAX in this video. But all I have to say is DAM!! Minhyuk & Wonho's airport fashion is on point!! :D
I don't know what it is but I like that California glow on ALL of them. Sorry it's probably just me. I'm weird! Lol OR it can be that they're tired -_- OR that it's so hot and sweating. ':D P.S. I'm so jealous of this girl that took THIS video. BUT I'm really happy that all mbb were giving them enough space.

What do you think Monbebe?

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@PrettieeEmm 😂 They should and I'll be spending time outside your house and even build a tent in the street lol Saesang status!! haha btw I just added another video on the P.S in the bottom. Dude I'm so jealous! By chance was that you taking the video? lol
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@JiyongLeo @LemonLassie Come die with me a little.
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@MonAnnahiX haha no it wasn't I wish 😂😂
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have a safe trip ❤❤❤👌
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Yas. Boys are working it.
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