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When I first heard about Pokemon Go, I wasn't really motivated to play the game at all. I heard it was glitchy ( but that's normal for unity engine) and, around where I'm from, it's difficult to walk around and there was no Pokemon to be seen. HOWEVER, I was convinced by a friend of mind to at least try it and now I'm hooked. I actually want to go outside more often, and I used to only stay inside. It's really fun to see old Pokemon that I haven't seen in years. I was a big fan of Pokemon for the first few generation of Pokemon when it first came out. After seeing the Pokemon around my town, which is a 15-20 min. drive to get to my town, I got hooked. I think it's an amazing idea to convince you to go outside and have some fun. Before Pokemon Go, you hardly see anyone at my park, but now there a bunch of people around while playing the game. I think this app helps people go to places they've never been or haven't been there in a while. It's like your own Pokemon adventure. One thing I don't understand about Pokemon Go is the fighting between the teams. I know it's not every Pokemon trainer that's fighting over the team. My friends and I are in different teams, and we're okay with being on different sides. We mostly joke around about being on different teams. The only reason why I picked Team Valor was because I could. Also, around my area you don't hear about Team Valor that much. It was always Team Instinct or Mystic (I don't have a problem with either team) where I lived. However, back to my opinion on the app. So, if you like Pokemon and willing to go to the distance to see them, I say give the app a try. You might end up like me and actually like the app. Comment below your favorite Pokemon and why (just to spark a good and interesting conversation). My favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur because he was such a cutie in my opinion.
that's funny cause my towns all made up of mystic and valor so I'm going with instinct instead, and the gyms here are always changing cause there is nothing to do here lol
It's weird that certain places have more specific teams the other places. It's interesting though to go to different places to what town has more.