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WARNING: None Having already dealt with the younger group DARC, you are nervous to meet Tong’s group DeLish. You've been a fan since their debut and decided to try really hard to not fangirl. You are an adult, not a teenager, and still older than the oldest in the group. DeLish has been together for nearly ten years, the maknae being 26 and the oldest, Tong, being 30. Perhaps that's why the nerves, as you are closer to their age, and had not enjoyed the fame they now do. It shouldn’t matter but what this group thinks of you really does. You want to leave Korea with a better appreciation and understanding of them, maybe with a few new friends? A girl can hope. Heads and eyes turn in your direction as you open the practice room door. You waited until they were finished with what they were doing before going in. Now you wish you'd snuck in while they were distracted. Smiling nervously, you wave while walking in the room. One separates himself from the others and approaches you first. He bows politely and smiles, “Miss Atlantic? I’m Ae, the leader. A pleasure to meet you, please come join us.” Alright, this might be a lot easier than you feared. As you join the circle where they are reviewing a video, the other members bow and introduce themselves. Gentlemen, not nervous teenagers, but professionals. You sigh in relief and get down to business watching them work. Tong is no where to be seen, you count off only four in the room. Discussions are added to the board for their Skype call with Tong later. With all of them having solo careers, they often use Skype to coordinate and just make sure everyone is well and any problems resolved. After the first hour, you are so relaxed and focused on what the group is doing, saying, and working on; when the laptop rings next to you, you jump. Your hand goes over your heart and you glare at the offending technology. Ae, opens the laptop and hits accept on the call, then turns to you with a smile. “My apologies, I should have warned you the call is during this time and that you were next to it. You are alright?” You nod your head and wave it off with embarrassment. “It's my own fault, I was too focused on all of you and with the story in my head.” “I believe I’ve heard that excuse before,” says a voice from the computer and you jump again as you look down and see Tong’s face smiling back. He bows on screen, “Apologies again Noona; I thought you knew I was already on. What have you guys been doing that she is so jumpy?” “I believe she came in that way. However, we will see what we can do to relax her a little,” Ae says as he moves the laptop over to the middle of the group. “Being relaxed was the problem, I need to pay closer attention.” You comment to the laptop and then go back to your own. You try to be more alert to them but for some reason feel like you're eavesdropping. You didn’t feel that way with the other group, interesting. They each start heading their own way about an hour before dinner. Ae is still on Skype with Tong discussing details that need to be put in place before they see each other at the upcoming meet and greet. You start putting items back in your bag; nothing on your schedule for the rest of the evening. You plan to spend it “lost in your own little world” as is becoming your trademark. Ae steps in front of you with the laptop, turning it to see Tong. “Pardon the interruption Noona, you look ready to leave. I was wondering if I could ask you for your Skype address? I am unsure of what questions you may have for the group and am positive they can answer anything you ask. However, I would be willing to let you ask me questions also; you can do so through Skype.” Your eyes must have become the size of silver dollars as you stare at the screen. Larger than life, there he is and he wants your Skype information. Be a professional! You have to remind yourself, this is a professional courtesy he is offering you, nothing else. “Thank you, yes, that would be extremely helpful. You can find me under Skype to Go as Fiizgirl, the picture is of my cat, he is black and white. Who will I be receiving the calls from? Just like my cell, I don’t answer if I don’t know you.” He laughs, “Good to know. The call would be coming from TongDeLish, it does not have a picture of me, as I’m sure you can understand. It is a picture of our groups fist all together.” “Fighting,” you murmur but don’t realize you said it that loud. “Yes, exactly. You seem to understand us already, how is that? Did you mix with idols when you lived here before or are you just really good at research?” You swallow and lick your lips as you try to come up with an answer. You don’t want to lie, it isn’t worth it; yet you had asked Mr. Kim to keep your identity a secret. “I’m a best-selling author Tong, I excel at research.” “Indeed. I will keep you no longer, have a good evening.” “You as well, thank you,” you reply as you stand to make your way out of the room. To say that you jumped when your Skype rang, would be the understatement. No one ever calls you but your sister and that is usually on the phone. As you glance over from the papers you're sorting through; you have to admit to your heart rate accelerating for a totally different reason. Skype call from TongDeLish. Really? Already? Why? Confused yet curious, you accept the call and suddenly there he is, filling your screen. “Noona?” “Tong. What a pleasant surprise,” well what? It is a totally unexpected but really cool surprise. “I am not disturbing you? I had some time in my schedule where I go over calendering, paperwork, etc and thought that we could, kill two birds with one stone?” “Poor birds, but yeah, this works. Just let me find my notes in this mess.” He glances over at the screen and smiles at your screen that shows a side view of you and white paper on every inch of space surrounding you. “I think I prefer my paperwork to yours, that looks a little overwhelming.” You glance over, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, everything is exactly where I want it,” and then because you have no brain in your head; you stick your tongue out at him. I JUST STUCK MY TONGUE OUT AT HIM… you just... you have no excuse for yourself except that you appear to be retarded. What are you a sassy 15 yr old rather than the pitiful truth of a supposed 35 yr old professional? Shaking your head and feeling your face redden, you look away, then turn back when you hear a full out belly laugh from the computer. You've never heard Tong laugh before. There are those laughs that people do because of videotaping and then there are real, genuine laughs. You glance over to see his head thrown back and a look of delight on his face, You can't help but stare. “I must say that I am finding your sense of humor unexpected. Different, but rather refreshing,” he comments after catching his breath. “I am so embarrassed, sometimes I just don’t think.” “It appears I prefer you that way than, No apologies necessary Noona.”
oh my cuteness overload
oh gosh. no wonder he is my UB like ugh dies more in love
To be the one he laughs for and calls noona. Yes please!
Noo! (┳Д┳)Why...why?ヽ(─д─;)ノ I wanted more....(人・_・)♡Well until next time