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I just... can't find the words.

I wanted to make a card praising the personal space that considerate fans give their idols, but something happened to shake my perspective (again).

Saw this on Amino the other day and was really touched...

Many people were praising this fan for respecting his space and not disturbing him (because don't disturb the art, right?) But in all seriousness, idols are people, too, even though it can be difficult to remember that with all that they've achieved.

And then I saw this on Twitter :(

I know this happens to other celebrities, too, but I want to focus on BTS right now. This was posted August 1st. Bangtan did a concert in Manila the day before and flew to LA soon after to perform at KCON. They were most likely tired and at that moment, those fans likely added some major unnecessary stress. Just thinking about them stressing stresses me out.
ARMYs, please please PLEASE think about what the boys would want if it ever occurs to you to compromise your safety just to blindly tap on tinted glass. Because honestly, I'd love to see more positive, amazing moments like this (what happened in the Philippines) than worrisome incidents like what happened at LAX. ** no, I'm not vouching for PH ARMYs or US ARMYs. Just saying, the world would look a lot prettier with more consideration and understanding.
What bothers me the most, is that they didn't even know and if they did know, they wouldn't even care about it and just bang on the window like mad people! What is wrong with those people?!?!?!?!?
dammit not's shameful that I think that right before I even read the card like man what have we done this time? I just can't with this, I'm supposed to be somewhat proud of being an ARMY but this feeling that I'm feeling definitely ain't pride😤
Good grief this is getting out of hand
Ugh I wish those few US army's would not ruin it for the rest of us state side army's :( no respect :(
Philippine fans also went apeshit at the venue though
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