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~(Simon POV / December 2016)~

It had been over three months since she I last saw Lavi. Samantha had reported to us that their family had pulled the plug on their baby sister. After that, the only relationship we had with Royal Corp was strictly business.
I wore the ring around my neck to remind my of her love and sacrifices. Today would of been her birthday, December 9th. We all agree to go out and celebrate her memory. After all, she did leave her mark on all of us.
Made us all better people, as well as stronger. We went the chicken place, were she and I first realized we had feelings for each other. I had invited ONE-ie and G2 to join us. She had become friends with them as well, when she had the time off. Including Dok2, Flowsik, Dean, Reddy, Beenzino and the Quiett.
We were all celebrating the memories she left us with, even though Jay and I kept the tragic event that made her leave us, to ourselves now. Lance was in town, so we asked him to join us. He said he join when he could.
So we simply went ahead without him, and just sent the address to him. We all were drinking and having an amazing time together. Lance actually made it, with his manager. She looked very familiar, but I could barely see her face.
She had a hood on, and very long silver white hair. "Hey guys, I actually have a surprise for all of you." We all looked over at Lance, while he took hold of his manager's hand. "Simon, its mostly a surprise for you though."
He held up the manager's hand to show the matching ring that went along with the one around my neck. I looked over at Jay, and saw he was in shock too. Lance let go of her hand, as I got up slowly. The woman pulled off her hood, whilst looking up at me.
There was a faint scar on her cheek, and I a wave of joy wash over me. "What? No happy birthday? Or congrats on being allow back into Korea?" I moved over to her as fast as I possibly could, and pulled her into my embrace.
She giggled softly, as her arms found their way around my waist. "Saranghae Lavi, and welcome home." I felt something touching my neck, as I realize she was tearing up. "Happy Birthday, Lavi." The others shouted, getting my attention.
"Wait! you all knew!" Everyone but Jay was grinning proudly. "Don't look at me, they left me out of the loop apparently." They all laugh softly, as Lavi escape my hold, to embrace Jay. "Sorry it was my request to not tell you as well. I wanted to surprise you both."
He kissed the top of her head, making her smile so warmly at him it could melt the ice caps. I walked over to her, and pulled her onto her feet, so fast, that she fell into my arm. I made her lift her head, to kiss those soft hips of hers. Lavi whimper in compliant, but her body said other wise.
Her arms wrapped around my neck, as her fingers play with my hair. Oh man did I miss having here in my arms. Her actually being here, alive, made my world so much brighter. I broke away from the kissed, to rest my head on her forehead. "Lavi, I love you."

~(Lavi POV)~

A three month banned from nothing apparently for me. I was in a comma after the event. I had technically died on table, but they brought me back. They even had me on life support. They gave me a week before 'pulling the plug'.
Yet, when they did I was still breathing on my own. The doctors said it was a good sign. Meant I was actually fighting to live. Which I was, because I wanted to get back to my first true love. I wasn't ready to leave this earth anymore.
I had finally found a reason to live, and it happen to be Simon. I dreamt for a entire month, about being married to him, having kids, and loving happily. Apparently when I woke up, I was in the middle of having a miscarriage.
The doctor said it all happen so fast, that he almost didn't know what to do. They had no idea I was pregnant, and neither did I. My father was with me at the hospital with my brother Lance. They told me mu sister had taken over the company.
Which I was excited about, but I was legally no longer allow to be the head of security. Since I had taken a life, even though the charge was self defense. Yet, I got to keep my original job as a bodyguard and manager.
Since Lance was on hiatus for the next year, I asked to be his manager bodyguard. No one argue with me, because of the situation. The last month of my banned from Korea, I lived in London with my brother. While I was in rehab, since i had to get use to normal motions again. Doctors were surprised though as how fast my recovery time was.
I had really great motivation. I watch Simon and AOMG on tv, computer, phone. Even argue with myself on whether or not to contact Simon. I did eventually contact Hyuk Woo and Chase. They were over joy that I was alive.
I had found out from them and my sister that my stuff was given out as my will stated. I finally recalled something and gave my sister phone call. "Hey sis, what the matter?" I really did love that she was making time to answer me.
"Hey Sammy, when you gave Simon his share... Was there a ring involved?" She giggled over the phone, which had meant yes to me. "When were you actually planning to give that to him, Missy?"
She answered me with a question though, as I hung my head in defeat. "His birthday... cause then we would had been together for about eight/nine months." It was a promise ring I had made in advance, just in case I wanted to give it to him for Christmas.
Yeah I was old school, but it was my way of saying I loved him, without having to actually say it. "Well, I can honestly tell you this, he hasn't taken it off since I gave it to him. You should really contact him."
I had Loco and Chase re frame from telling Jay and Simon I was alive. I wanted to come to them, when I was clear as perfectly healthy again. Plus, it would of be better to see them in person. That way we wouldn't want to reach through the phone.
"I will, I got my plan ticket already." My sister cheer, as I held the phone away from my ear. "Fuck the plane ticket, you're banishment period is over. Take the company jet, and Have Lance come with you."
Samantha was already in Seoul, due to work, I guess she wanted to see us both. Since our baby brother, mother and father lived in London, and got to see us way more than her. Lance, whom was beside me, took the phone away from me.
"We're already on the private jet right now. See you soon." We both looked at each other, for this plan was gonna become a rock a l lot of worlds. He hung up, so I could text Loco, to gives the heads up.
Told him not to tell Jay and Simon, because this was a surprise gift for the both of them. Even though, when we land in South Korea, it would be my twenty-fifth birthday.
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