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Big Bang ↝Maknae's↜ Revenge!!
Yes... TOP saved video of you "showering"...
He already did....
Really???!!....what are you going to do???
Seungri: My moment for revenge !!! (He got the phone ready too!!! good job Panda....I see too much skin ...your pant... no pant.....!!!!!!.) ((▷*I m dead*◁))
Seungri: Is too late for that!!!! see I am not going alone!!!
When you mess with the maknae you know there will be revenge😂😂
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but seungry didn't go to his shower, he was just there sitting. I watched the movie lol
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@Miichi...but "topless"......Wahahahah!!!
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whoa look at the legs 😂😂😂
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that's my seungri we all will go down together 👌✌😁😁😁
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