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Suho: "Pleaseeeee Y/N!!! You wouldn't leave your best friend , now would you?" Y/b/f/n whines through the phone as you look back at the clock which read 9:30 pm. "Y/b/f/n, i told you i cant come for a sleep over. My parents aren't at home and I'm on watch! They'll kill me if they find out" you say gulping in fear. You parents went to visit your grandmother for the weekend so you had the house to yourself. You would have invited your best friend over but your mom had forbidden it since the last time this happened you mothers favourite vase went missing. "What if i told you we can watch anything on Netflix. I have a jar of Netulla and my moms left over lasagne" she bribes. ".......you could have told be you had lasagne leftovers at the beginning" you say getting up and throwing on a sweater. Y/b/f/n's mom made the best lasagne in the world! You walk down stairs and slip on a pair of Uggs, since its still a bit chilly out. You also enable the security system while you're at it. "Great then! Hurry over" she squeals on the other line. "Yea bye. If i don't make it there in 40 mins call the cops" you say before cutting the line. Locking the door behind you, you walk down the front porch steps and start walking down the sidewalk. Her house was about a solid 20 min walk away. You pull out your phone ready to blast some music when you hear footsteps behind you. Not bothering to turn you walk slower allowing the stranger to pass you which...didn't happen. The stranger seemed to keep in pace with you, his steps almost syncing with yours. Your heart beats faster as you begin to speed walk, the stranger doing the same. Ugh why did you want to eat her lasagne so badly! It would lead to your possible death dammit. Just as your about to break into a run a hand touches your shoulder as you let out a loud yelp of fear. "Shhhh! Its me! Suho" says the voice instantly claiming you down. "S-Suho? What are you doing out here? At this time?" You ask claiming down you heart as you stare into his beautiful eyes. "Oh...uh i tend to take nightly jogs...i could ask you the same thing" he says quickly trying to change the subject. You noticed how he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Not exactly jogging wear but hey, who are you to judge. "Going to a friends house" you state noticing her house getting closer and closer much to your disappointment. You wanted to talk to Suho more. "Ahh i see. You shouldn't go alone this late at night Y/N....lucky for you i was here today, don't do this ever again please" he says his eyes filled with worry. "O-oh. Don't worry i wont!" You assure as you come to a stop. "Well....it was nice talking to you Suho" you say quietly as he smiles. "Hey...in case your out again with your nightly walks to your friends house, hit me up so I can walk you" he says pulling out his phone you doing the same. "Hahaha some hero huh?" You joke after exchanging numbers. "Hahaha i guess...see ya later Y/N he says before walking away. You do the same but just before you knock you look back. You found it rather odd how Suho entered the forest instead of jogging down the road.. _____________________________________ Beakhyun: "Y/n hurry up, we'll be late" your mom calls as your straighten out your dress checking out your outfit one last time before making your way downstairs. "Mom i don't see why i have to go" you complain. You had just gotten a new handful of books that you wanted o drown yourself into. "Hun, your barely out! Its just a barbecue" she says ruffling your hair. You didn't know hosting a barbecue for the neighbourhood was still a thing. "Fine, but after i eat I'm coming back home alright? I have to finish a book" you state slipping on some flats as your mother rolls her eyes playfully. "You and your books...i'll be damned if you love anything more then your precious books" she jokes locking the door as you two walk side by side. "Well, i do love you more then books" you say as she scoffs. "Oh hun, i totally believe that" you two walk closer to the neighbourhood park as you raise an eyebrow. "Mom i thought someone was hosting a family barbecue" you ask confused as you walk down the grass slope noticing a large crowd of people. "Oh, they invited everyone in the neighbourhood. Im sure their house wouldn't be able to hold this many quests" you nod in understanding. You see your moms friend wave her hand up high in the air as you sigh in annoyance. "Hun, i'll be right here with Allison. If you need anything you'll know where to find me. Have fun hun. Talk to people!" She says as you walk into the crowd making a beeline to the grill. All you wanted was the food and then get outta there. "We'll hello there" says a voice smoothly. You spin around seeing it was the guy from the library a couple of days ago. The same guy you couldn't get out if your mind! "Oh....hi" you say putting a piece of hair behind your ear looking down. He hands you something, which was a hotdog. You gladly accept. "You seem like you don't like crowds....since its crowded wanna go for a walk?" He suggests a you nod vigorously mouth full of food. "Ok, lets go" he grabs your hand and pulls you away from the crowd. His hand was warm which made you feel all fuzzy inside. Being a bookworm you knew what this meant. "So...i didn't catch your name" he says as you guys are finally in a clearing. Gulping down the food you answer. "I'm Y/N" he smiles wide, eyes gleaming. "Thats a beautiful name...for a beautiful girl like yourself" he says cheekily as you blush, madly. "Im Beakhyun" he says winking. You knew the little friendship you had with him, would lead to more. _____________________________________ Chanyeol: "Hey sis! Can i go to the beach?" You ask peeking into the kitchen. Thankfully now you guys were on good terms. "Fine, but you better be back by sun down" she says as you sneak a kiss on her cheek before running out of the house. You had to clear your head, all you could think about from the past few days was about the encounter with that mysterious boy you meet in the woods. Heck you wanted to run into the woods just to see him again, but chances are he wouldn't be there. So here you are walking on the beach trying to clear your head. You take off your slippers letting the sand surround your feet a your walk in it. Closing your eyes you take in the breeze loving how the smell of nature and ocean were mixed together. You turn to look at the sun blaring above you. No one was around making it more free and peaceful. Taking in a deep breath you look to the sky. You had to forget about that one encounter dammit. Suddenly you hear rustling from the woods. You freeze up hoping for the best when that male, Chanyeol, walks out of the forest. His fiery eyes glued on to you making you jittery and uncomfortable. He wore a muscle tee, showing off them muscles and shorts showing off his long legs. Up close he looks so tall, maybe six feet. "What are you doing here?" He demands looking around you for anyone else. You let out a huff of annoyance. Was he always this grumpy? "I came to freshen up my head" you state beginning to walk away but he stops you by holding your wrist, but not tightly. "Wait.....i...I'm sorry for the other day. For scaring you" He says scratching his neck offering you a embrassed smile. You tilt your head wondering what lead to the character change. "Its fine i guess...i didn't introduce myself. Im y/n by the way" you say quietly smiling under his intense stare. "Y-y/n....has a nice ring to it" he says letting your name roll down his tongue. "Im Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol" he says shaking your hands. You started feeling warm all over. Almost as if you had a fever. You internally roll your eyes, there was no way he was gonna leave your mind. "Y/n....if you don't mind...can i accompany you for a walk?" He asks his big doey eyes sucking you in. "Of course Chanyeol" _____________________________________ D.O: "Naruto? Are you serious y/n?" Your best friend says rolling her eyes after she peered over your shoulder to see what you had your nose buried in. "What! Its a great series" you argue leaning back on the bean bag. The library was quiet so you lowered your voice when you spoke. "Why aren't you into the Boruto series? Thats wayyy better" she says as she opens her book, which was about astronomy. She had a project on it so you decide to accompany her to the library while your at it. "Naruto was my childhood. Im not saying i dont like his son or anything, just i prefer the classic" you say going back to your book. "Ahhh shit! Y/n i got the wrong one, im supposed to be reading about black holes not the cosmic rays! Can you fetch me the right one?" She begs/orders, doing her puppy dog face. "Hey! Cant you see im engrossed in my book! And look at how comfy i am!" You whisper yell at your friend who goes into her bag shuffling around. "I'll give you this whole box if you get it for me" she says holding out a pepero box. You had a big weakness for sweet food and you were currently falling into her trap. "Ugh! Fine" you say getting up, with your book still in hand. "Its near the cook books!" She calls out as your grunt in displeasure. The cook books were just around the corner so you look back at your book to read the page you were on. Bad move. You come bumping into a every broad chest sending you to the ground. "Ouch!..." You say rubbing your bum to ease the pain. Looking up your met with very large, beautiful eyes. It was the Ange- guy who saved you. D.O Kyungsoo! "Y-you!" You state pointing your finger at him. He chuckles helping you up. He grabs your book and chuckles at it. "Naruto?" He asks looking at you with amused eyes as you flush red. "Y-yea! Its a great book" you mutter. Just then you catch a glimpse of the book he was holding. It was a cook book, on brownies. "Cook book?" You say raising an eyebrow as he chuckles face tinting red. "Yea, what can i say i love cooking" he says meeting your eyes. "Well, have fun making brownies. They taste amazing" you say in a daze. He looks at you as he opens his mouth but closes it and opens it again and closes it, as if he wanted to say something. "Well...i guess i'll see ya later?" You asks looking past him and at the astronomy section. "Yea...uh wait!" He calls out gaining your attention. "Do you wanna come to my place?" He says before quickly adding "for brownies" you giggle at his face. "Sure sounds like a date D.O." _____________________________________ Kai: "Hey there boy" you say crouching down letting the Golden Retriever pup shower you with kisses. "Y/n! Your here!" Says the owner walking out to greet you as you acknowledge her presence. "Hey, anyone....came to adopt them yet?" you ask looking over at the pups who whined ever so slightly. "Not yet, people just don't know how important a good life for a pup is" she says sighing an going to the cash register, as you pick up the Golden Retriever you've grew to love over the months. "Its ok Spot I'm sure a loving family will take you in for sure" you say placing a kiss on his forehead. You named him Spot because he has this cute almost brown spot near his butt which your found adorable. The doors chimes as someone walks in. The puppies all jump up wiggling their tails in excitement. You turn around and couldn't believe who you saw. It was flipping Kai! His eyes widen as he stares you up and down. "Well look who it is, its the peeper!" He says making you roll your eyes. "Are you buying one?" He asks going to pick a pup up massaging its ears. "No, i would love to. I just Volunteer here" you state turning around not wanting to talk to the playboy any lore. "Oh really? Thats good. Helping injured an abandoned puppies" he says softly. He walks to you and you notice how soft his eyes had gotten. He smiles gratefully at you, adoration evident in his beautiful eyes. You felt weak to your legs. Darn him and his charms! "I'll take this guy" he says to the owner as your snap back into reality looking back at Spot who licked your face. "Hey y/n" Kai calls before walking out with a dog. You turn and look at him questionably. "Your doing a great thing...keep it up" he says genuinely before walking out. You felt your heart leap to your throat. "......How much for Spot?" _____________________________________ Sehun: "Y/n!!!! Hurryyyyyyyy!!" Y/f/n name whines tugging your sleeve making you annoyed. "Y/f/n, i cant hurry! Look at all these people! Do you actually expect me to push them aside just to order your bubble tea?" You reason as her shoulders slump. "I need something!! All that studying last night has me dead! I will wait there but please hurry!" She ponts to a seat and rushes over as you let out a sigh. Exam week sure has gotten your motor running, with all that coffee consumption you and y/f/n had consumed you were sure you guys would have died! Thus leading you two to this overly packed bubble tea shop. "Um, escuse me?" A voice interrupts your mental thinking. It was kinda deep and husky. You look up to sunglasses , you let your eyes travel all over him taking in every inch, he was handsome! You felt yourself blush, "Yes?" You reply after a full minute of staring at the now flustered man. "If you would like you can take your order before me?" He asks, he basically said you can cut the line! "Omo! Its fine!!" You assure taken back by his kindness. "Well i was offering it to you. Your choice if you wanna take it or not" he says grumpily. "Sehun?" You asks as he removes his sunglasses. "No shit Sherlock. Now do you want to take my spot or not?" He asks again as your frown. "Fine!" You growl walking in front of him as you clench your teeth trying to clam down your anger. You order and pay the cashier. Just as your about to go wait for your order you decide to thank him. So you turn around only to see his head bent in a way a if he was checking something out. That's when it hit you. He was checking you out! "Perv" you mutter quickly walking to the waiting area. Never again were you going to wear leggings! Ignoring him, since you could tell he was still watching you, you walk over to the table. Y/f/n groans as you hand her the bubble tea, you shurg not in the mood to argue back. You tell her to get up as you guys walk out. Just as your about to leave the place you glance back to see Sehun smirking. That pervert. ----------------------------------- Tags: @tinafalcon22 @mrsax2018