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Areum wakes up the next day. Her shirt seemed to be drenched with either sweat or tears. Maybe both. She tries to stretch but feels a weight beside her, turning she sees Xuimin's cute peaceful face as he snored quietly. "You had a nightmare last night" a voice pipes up making Areum nearly fall off the bed. Luhan sat up straighter wiping his tired eyes. "He refused to leave your side" he says smiling softy. Areum looks back at Xuimin's cute face and lightly pinches his cheeks. "Thank you" she whispers softy. She slowly gets up as Luhan does the same. "And where do you think your going missy?" He asks quirking an eyebrow. "Umm...freshen up?" She says confused. "Oh...ok see ya down stairs" he says oddly walking out. She goes into her washroom to freshen up. ~With Luhan~ He wanted to ask Areum what bothered her last night, but he shouldn't be sticking his nose in other people's business right? Speaking of noses, the smell of bacon and eggs overwhelms him and he rushes to the kitchen. Krystal placed the goods on plate as Luhan smiles wide. "Good Morning to you too" she says giggling as he drowns down the bacon and orange juice at the same time. "Morphing!" He replies going back to his food. Kris walks down the stairs making eye contact with his mate. "Love" he says his word pouring with love as he quickly wraps her up in his arms. "Good Morning honey. Your in a good mood. I told you a shower would help you" Krystal says kissing the bridge of his nose. Kris wanted more and kisses her on her lips. Luhan sat there awkwardly trying to quickly gobble down the food nearly choking. "Ew gross!! Get a room!!" Areum squeals regretting coming down. She grabs a bacon slice and pops it into her mouth as Kris and Krystal separate. "How was your sleep hun?" Krystal asks passing Areum a specially baked muffin just for her. She gladly accepts. "Great....had a weird dream but it was fine since Xuimin slept with me" she says as Kris spits out his morning coffee. "S-Slept with Xuimin?" His voice turns one hole note higher then his original voce. "Man Kris, you've got one dirty mind! No i just comforted her" Xuimin says annoyed as he walks down the steps. Kris clears his throat. "Well since everyone is here now , i have something to say" Xuimin takes his seat sending Areum a playful wink. "Everyone? Here is Lay? Chen? Tao?" Areum asks looking around the room. "Patrol...after we killed one of them were kind of on a high alert, just in case." He says as Areum's eyes fall in shame and guilt. "I-i'm so-" "Areum don't. You did nothing wrong hun" Krystal reassures making Arueum smile. "As i was saying....today is the meeting with the...Vampires. Now i want everyone there but Aruem and Lay will stay behind" he says as Xuimin and Luhan nod. "What?! Thats not fair! This is all my doing i should be there! I killed him, Kris i know this is a trial thingy and i should be there. I don't want anyone taking my blame" Aruem argues as Kris's nose flares in anger. "Areum you do know what you are right, and what importance you play into our pack. I cant have you in the front lines in danger. Thats final! Now go to your room" he orders growling slightly. Areum cowers at his words. She walks off ignoring Krystals calls. She slams her door and slumps on her bean bag. She pulls out the muffin Krysial made and nibbles on it. All of a sudden a howl is heard from a distance. Areum bolts to her window looking out. She watched helplessly as Kris, Luhan, and Xuimin run into the forest. A few minutes later Lay walks out of the forest and enters the house. Sighing out loud she lays on her bed motionless. ~With Kris~ Chen where are they and how many are there? Kris asks his wolf legs pushing thim through the woods. Xuimin and Luhan were by his sides keeping pace as he ran deeper into the forest. There are about 6 of them, their leader is with them. In about ten minutes they'll reach the treaty line. Chen responds, Tao howls as he runs to Chen's side. Kris keeps running with a little more speed. All of a sudden that same dreaded feeling came back to him. Not as in a danger signal, but a signal something bad was about to go down. He just didn't know what. ~Back with Areum~ "C'mon Areum!! Lets watch something like old times." Lay tries for the hundredth time as he stands in front of Areum's locked door. "No! Im good here...I'm not leaving my room. I'll die here" she says childishly. Lay lets out a sigh of defeat as Krystal walks in motioning for Lay to step aside. "Areum? Hun its me. Can i come in?" She asks as she hears shuffling. "Only if Lay leaves" Areum proposes. Krystal glares at Lay who quickly runs downstairs. The door creaks open as she walks in closing it behind her. "You really want to go don't you" she mummers taking a seat on a big cousin on the floor. "Krystal....there blaming Luhan for what i did. What if they do something to him! I wouldn't be able to live with myself" she says sitting up. "I just wanna be there to make sure he is safe" she mummers quietly. "What if i told you....i'll allow you to go?" Krystal says making Areum's eyes go wide. "What do you mean?" She asks crossing her legs. "Well, i am after all the Alpha's mate so i have some say in the matter right? I'll allow you go as long as you stay far and out of sight for safety purposes" she suggests. Areum tackle hugs Krystal being mindful of the babe bump. "But what about Lay?" She asks getting up and walking down the staircase quietly. She listens for him, hearing his even breathing. "He fell asleep?" She asks puzzled walking to the backyard door leading to the forest. "Oh i might have accidentally dropped a couple of Kris's sleeping pills in his drink" Krystal says scratching her neck as Areum pulls her in for yet another hug. "I owe you one" she sprints out of the house and too the woods. Her clothing shredded into pieces as she phased. Her bones cracked into place as she put up her mental shield. She didn't want anyone knowing of her presence. She sniff's out for familiar scent coming across Luhan's almost immediately. Following it she stays close to the trees as the sun dips down. She starts to hear voices, Kris's voice to be exact. She crouches down and watches the backs of her pack mates, silently watching the scene unfold. She realized there was 6 of them. Clearly a disadvantage if things got messy. "I'm sorry for your loss. I truly am. But you see he crossed our territory which we could have dealt with in a respectful manner but he attacked one of our wolfs which is something we do not take lightly." Kris presses as the leader nods slightly. "I understand, the treaty was created for peace, am i right? Yes. Then why wouldn't you contact us? I believe that he was...provoked to act the way he did..." says the leader looking straight at Luhan. Aruem felt the urge to jump in and cover Luhan up, away from their predatory eyes. "Are you saying its our fault?! He attacked our own!" Tao growls shaking slightly, Kris raises a hand to clam him down. "Where is the proof? For all you know your.....mutt could be lying to cover his tracks" another pipes up. Areum is too busy thinking of ways to protect Luhan she doesn't look up at the new voice. "Unless....there was someone else involved..." The leader says stepping closer to the treaty line. The pack instantly tenses up, but holds their ground. Areum's ears perk up. She stood on her hind legs ready to prounce if necessary. D.O looks at Kai who smiles wide. They have caught a beautiful scent in the air, they knew it was her. The group takes in the scent of the female in hiding, memorizing the smell. "I don't know where your getting at, but i suggest you leave....now" Kris says his voice menacingly low. Areum takes this as her cue to rush out of there so her scent wouldn't be present for the guys to catch. The group leave except Beakhyun. He looks at Kris in the eye smiling sweetly. "I'd watch whats precious to me if i were you" and with that he vanishes into the forest. Tags: @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13 @AaliyahNewbell @Izzy987 @JessicaFigueroa @Jinnyrod3