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Hello and welcome! :D Ready to take on another episode with this BigBang King? ;) Are you SURE you're ready.....? ;D Well if you said no, then here's a quick recap on the Season 2 premiere so you can go back and ready the other petals until you're mentally and emotionally prepared! :D But if you said yes, and need a quick recap on what has happened, here are the links on the previous episodes.... ;) > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 Ready or not, #iregretnothing ;D Enjoy! *bows*
Episode 3~ You whirl around and stare at the approaching shadow, relaxing instantaneously the moment you recognize Ji-Yong's face under the faint light in the sky. “You had me searching all over for you. I was about ready to call the police.” He extends the small blanket in his hands and wraps it around your shoulders, taking a seat beside you on the curb of the sidewalk; tugging down his beanie and pulling up his zipper. “Kinda chilly out here for you to be without a jacket don't you think?” “How did you find me?” A corner of his lips curl into a half grin, “Like I said, a murderer always has a habit of returning to the scene of the crime.” “Murderer? I didn't murder anyone.” He nudges towards your charred apartment. “Well you murdered your place, didn't you? Figured you'd come back to do something else so I just came to stop you in case you were thinking of doing something else drastic.” You feel a dark shiver run down your spine, making you pull the blanket around you tighter and hide your face in your knees. “Please don't talk about it. I don't know why I'm here, I just knew that I couldn't stay there.” Ji-Yong sighs heavily, making you look up and catch a glimpse of his frown before he turned away to look around the street. “What?” You ask. “You're no fun when you're down in the dumps. I liked you better when you got snarky with me.” He replies. You raise an eyebrow, taken aback by his response. “I thought you didn't like me in general.” He grins to himself, “Why? Because you're supposedly cooler than me?” A small smile grows on your lips, remembering that very conversation you had with Ji-Yong back when you traveled with BigBang and the staff to the mountains for one of their variety shows. “Look,” He fixes his beanie and bites his lip to hide his amusement, releasing it slowly. “You're no threat to me whatsoever because at the end of the day,” he turns to you and smiles innocently. “I know I'm prettier than you.” Your mouth drops, using a few seconds to allow your brain to properly process the words before jumping up on your feet and glaring down at him. “You know what!?” You yank the blanket off and toss it down at him. “I'm leaving!” Ji-Yong stands up immediately and throws the blanket back over you again, spinning you around in it and tucking in corners to trap you in a blanket burrito before pulling you down to sit next to him on the curb again. He chuckles warmly, “I'm kidding!” He wraps an arm around your shoulder and pulls you in, “We both know I don't stand a chance against the natural beauty of a flower. I just wanted to see some life in you, not this gloomy shade.” You pull back and glare at him, “I've always read articles that described how kind and bashful you are but I've been utterly disappointed by your sour ass ever since I met you.” He smirks, “But I am kind and bashful. You're just- I just-” He tailed away, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip, allowing you to watch the habitual trait you've grown to admire since day one up close and personal until he slowly releases it and shakes his head slowly. “It's hard to explain.” You roll your eyes, “Really? How about using words?” His eyes flicker to you at the sound of your sarcastic tone, exposing the lively fire behind his eyes, a grin creasing into his face. “All I know is that you light up this urge. The urge to pick a fight with you. Always.” “Doesn't mean you have to give in!” You cry, recalling all the arguments you've had with him in the past since you've met. He chuckles, “I know I don't, but it's cute. You're cute-” “You're horrible to me!” “Horrible?” His eyebrows shoot sky high as his face inches slowly and slowly closer towards yours. “Well, you're worse to me.” “What!?" You hiss, frozen in place like an ancient statue. "I haven't done anything to you." He tilts his head to the side and begins lowering his eyelids. “You walked into my life and stole my breath away.” Your eyebrows shoot up. “Wait-What?”
Out of the blue, a car drives by, honking loudly at a crossing pedestrian, making the two of you jump back at the unexpected noise. <<What was that?>> Ji-Yong chuckles, “Come on, it's getting really late and you're probably freezing.” You look down and try to wiggle your arms free, “can you unwrap me first?” He stands up and pulls you up too, “Will you run away again if I do? Because you literally had me scared. I came home after running a couple of errands to find the place empty. I called the members, I called your office, I called who knows who until I realized the television was on, playing images of your apartment going up in flames. Part of me believed you were still in there so I came running.” You look down to dodge his gaze, “I just- It's just that- I couldn't-” You shake your head, trying to erase the images of your dream from earlier before they latched onto your conscious and distorted all sense of reality. “I'm sorry, I got scared. I wasn't thinking straight.” He smiles softly, “You don't have to tell me that. I don't think you've been able to think straight since that night you got that bump on your head.” His fingers reach to release you from the blanket, slowly tugging the cloth away until you were able to move your arms freely. “Don't be scared anymore okay? I'm here, and I'll always be here, okay?” “You won't leave me alone, will you?” “Of course not, I promise.” You nod slowly, “Thank you.” “Come on, let's get home. I have a surprise for you actually.” “A surprise?” His face lights up like a thousand stars, “Yes, a surprise. Let's go.” You arrive back to Ji-Yong's place after stopping to pick up quick take out for dinner. He leads you inside, turning on the lights and setting the food down in the kitchen before running over to continue guiding you into the room he had cleared out for you to stay in. He opens the door to the room and flicks on the lights, letting you inside to see the way the room turned out. The arrangement made you smile instantly, giving you a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach. “TOP hyung helped pick out the furniture so if you don't like it, call him and complain,” He chuckles. “But the other members actually helped with this-” He walks over to a tall book shelf and opens up the cabinets, revealing your BigBang albums. “Seung-Ri mentioned that we should do something to make you feel more comfortable while you stay here so Dae-Sung went and got some of your stuff yesterday and brought it over, it was then that Tae-Yang hyung mentioned that we should autograph your albums and complete it with whichever ones you're missing so that's what we did.” You cover your face with your hands and shake your head. <<Talk about being trash!>> “BUT!” Ji-Yong sang, causing you to pull your hands down and watch him as he walked over to the closet. “Since I said that I didn't want you going back to your place ever again, I took it upon myself to replace your necessities so my present to you is this-” He opens up the closet and pulls on a string to click on the light, exposing your walk in closet of brand new clothes. “And if you check the drawers, there's even more clothes. This is just evening wear, work wear, etc. etc.” You walk towards him, taking in everything bit by bit to prevent your head from getting overwhelmed with information. “W-why?” “Why all this?” He smiles. “Because you really don't have a sense in fashion.” You glare at him. He chuckles again, “I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Thing is-” His phone begins to ring, snapping you back from the mystic feeling you were caught up in. Ji-Yong answers and pardons himself from you to take the conversation elsewhere. You look around, trying to wrap your head around the whole thing. Touching the clothes, feeling the soft silk and satin between your fingertips, breathing in the scent of top class clothing brands before stepping out and exploring your new room. “Enjoying it?” Ji-Yong says, making you turn around to see him leaning against the doorway. You nod once, “It's all too much though. How could I possibly accept all this-” He holds a hand up to stop you, “it's a gift from all of us. We wanted you to know that we're all here for you.” A delicate smile slips onto your lips, “Thank you, really. It means so much to me, but I can't accept all of this. It's too much-” “Yaah!” He waves his hands up to cut you off. “What is it with you and rejecting my help? Is it because I'm prettier than you? Huh? Is it? Because I'll leave if you want-” “No!” you reach out to him and grab onto his shirt. “Please don't leave.” He smiles kindly, “I won't.” Once again, his phone rings. He pulls it out and answers, staring at you with a firm grin. You watch as his grin slowly disappears into a thin line. “And it has to be this week? ….. No reschedule? ….. But they always- ….. Fine. …. Ok. ….. No, I understand. I'll be there. ….. Yeah, I got it. ….. Thanks.” You lift an eyebrow, curious to know why a crease between his eyebrows had developed within the minute he spent on the phone. “I have to leave.” He finally answers with a deep sigh. “What? Now?” He shakes his head, “I have to leave to Japan for a photoshoot.” <<He's leaving again....>> “Oh.” He looks at you, his eyes speaking tongues of sorrow in a language you had difficulty understanding. “I'm sorry. It'll only be for a few days. Can I trust you to stay put until I come back?” You stare back at him. <<Begging him to stay would be too childish. We're just friends right? It'd be weird and selfish to ask him to stay when it's just a friendship.>> “I'll stay put.” A look of relief flashes across his face. “Let's eat dinner before it gets cold. I gotta start packing tonight.”
Omo! :O GD is leaving you again! D: (I'm not gonna lie, I have so much fun finding these memes, even though GD gets savage with me XD) ~I apologize for having such a short chapter. I tend to cut up my chapters at the end of the points I need to make, but trust me, the rest to come won't be as short :3 Sooooo~ What did you think? ;) Looking forward to being alone without GD for a few days!? D: Think you'll survive after what happened?! :O Will you get lost in that new walk in wardrobe!? DX Guess we'll have to wait and find out on Monday! :D See you all then! :D Thank you everyone!*bows*
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Great as always! *yells* Hey, Jiyoung! I have NO fashion sense either!!...Oh and I LOVE sunglasses, any brand will do!
Uggghhh!!! 😩😩 Please return quickly Jiyong! Lord only knows the things she'll do if left to her own devices 😭😭
Baby boy, I am so okay with you being prettier than me. As long as I can watch him bite that lip occasionally I'll be happy. 😘
Wwwaaaaeeeee!!!!!! Can I get a walk in closet stocked with new clothes too????? Aaaaahhhhh GD feels are trying to creep!!!!! Panda has already stolen my heart from sunshine and shirtless is just............Youngbae, I SAID NO STRIPPING!!!!!!! SEUNGRI, THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!!!!!!! DAESUNG, WAIT!!!!! DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!! Aaaaaiiiiissssshhhhhh see what you did!!!!!!
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