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~(Simon POV)~

We were all in the hospital, in the waiting room. The nurses were acting like fan girls, as they were surprised to see so many artists in one room. Lance came over to us crying. The moment he enter the room, He fell down onto his knees and whaled.
The grown ass man had turn into a crying five year old right before our eyes. It was as I feared, and I felt myself starting to join him. "You're all here for Lavi Ryan's?" The nurses were trying to sooth Lance, as Jay stood up. "Doc, please tell me its not true."
The doctor closed his eyes, before handing Lavi's clothes to him. "My condolences, but she pass away on the way here." This seriously had to be a sick joke. Lavi was gone... She really was gone.
"It seems the miscarriage she had, had a side effect, and she was bleeding internally slowly. Her doctors in Europe that it was one of her wounds, since it was so close to that organ." I looked at the doctor before standing up. "Miss-miscarriage?"
He nodded his head, whilst looking my way. "Yes is show on record, Miss Ryan was a month pregnant, but since she was in a coma, her body couldn't handle it, she lost the child." Jay looked at me as I felt down to my knee this time around.
I not only lost my love, but a child too. "Lord please tell me this is a cruel joke...oh Lord why! WHY!" Jay came to my side as I losing my mind. I couldn't believe all of this was happening at once. "DOCTOR!" A nurse came running over out breath.
"We did that blood transfusion you asked us to do, after you pronounce that patient dead. It worked." The doctor looked started as he ran to the room. "Take those clothes back from that young man!" He shouted, as he ran down the hall.
The nurse came over to Jay and touched his shoulder. "May I please have the clothes in your hand?" Lance and I both looked at each other, while Samantha came running in. "Don't you dare tell me she died...I will punch the doctor." Two men in suits came running in behind her, whilst Lance and I got up to run to Lavi's room.

~(Lavi POV)~

"Miss Ryan, can you hear me?" The man in a white coat came over to me, as I could only manage to blink at me. "Blink twice if you can understand me." I did just as asked, while the doctor smiled. "Get another bag ready, Have an IV ready as well."
A person in scrubs ran out to do as order. I realize that I was in the hospital now. "Lets take it slow with her, two blinks for yes and three for no." The other nurse said, as Lance and Simon came running in.
"Get them out of here, we don't want to push our luck here." They fought, as I cough, while trying to say Simon's name. They all froze, at my action. I try to move my finger to signal I wanted him to stay. "Blink twice if you want of them to stay."
I did, and he signal for the others to leave them alone. Lance ran to hold my hand, as Simon stood at the foot of the bed. I just watched Simon, and noticed he was toying with the ring on his finger.
"If you boys talk to her, two blinks will mean yes, and three means no. She's not physically strong enough to speak." They nodded their heads, as a nurse came in with my clothes. "Did you know you where pregnant before your coma?"
I blinked three times, and I felt my heart ache. I didn't want him to know just yet, but guess that was out of my control now. "There is a bright side to this..." He look like he was struggling to not cry.
Lance noticed my fingers trying to move, my arm trying to move up. He let go of my hand, and signal Simon to trade places. He didn't argue, as he held my hand in his own. "Now we can do it the traditional way...and you called out children goofy...hurtful."
He chuckled softly, as his other hand touch my faint scar, on my face. "Lavi, I'm gonna go talk to Sammy. You are not allow to leave us anymore." I blinked twice, earning a smile. I looked back at Simon as he looked around a bit.
I try to hold his hand a bit stronger if I could. It got his attention, before he lean down, to brush his sweet lips against mine. I closed my eyes and I finally had the strength to hold his hand firmly. This man is the one that made me strong, I needed him.
The way his eyes lite up when he noticed the power in my grip. There was no way I would be able to live without him. "Don't worry... your twenty-six birthday... I'll take you to disney land or world or resort." I just blinked twice, as a nurse came in.
"Miss Ryan, please relax, you're focusing your body to do things it's not ready to do." The nurse tapped my hand that was holding Simon's, as I just glared at them. "The nurse has a point, and don't worry. I am not leaving you ever again."
I try moving my lips this time to signal what I desired. Simon laughed, when he noticed, and granted my wish. He kissed me again, whilst the nurse set up my IV and a new blood transfusion.
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this was a flash back. AND YOU ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FEELS AT THE CRACK OF DAWN FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW!!! knock it off! lmaooooo. this was so touching, and emotional! keep it up.
I'm confused. I thought she was okay last chapter...?
oh damn!! Lavi come on. I'm rooting for ya
why are you trying to kill me!!!! now I'm all emotional again!! She almost died a second time?! I cant!
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