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Imagine Oppa Chanyeol being a Senior at your school/Collage and you've been avoiding him for a while now he gives you those awkward stares that makes you cringe ever single part of you. The more you avoid him the more he wants from you. One day he asks you out for a drink, you've been turning him down for a few months now. So you thought to yourself "if I say yes to him he will leave me alone" little did you know he will want to be with you more. Since you said yes you went to a coffee shop and he ordered two iced Americanos you sat down on a table while you see him smile. You look away nervously and tap your finger nail against the coffee table leaning against your left hand. wishing the hours would pass faster you see him sitting down and you do your best to avoid eye contact. He suddenly says "I like you not as a friend but as a woman". your eyes widen and see the waiter bringing the coffee to your table you scream "the iced coffee is here finally! ". You nervously take the coffee and drink the living out of it, once you take a few zips you stand up and bow and thank him for the drink. you tell him you had loads of homework to do and you'll be up all night for that. so you turn around and leave to your apartment.
After staying all night studying you woke up really late and you we're not going to make it to your first class so you decide to just go to the library and start on that project that was due next week. while walking through the hall you see a empty table and you run to it and put your belongings on your seat. You searched for some books that you needed for researching. Suddenly you felt this weird presense of someone looking at you, slowly turning your head to see who was looking at you there were no traces of someone. you went back to your seat and started reading, you searched for your pouch of pens inside your tote bag and couldn't find any. Long fingers start to touch your head you flinch and turn around it's Chanyeol giggling with your pouch on his hands. you try to take it away and he puts a finger on your forehead trying to keep you away from it he says " I won't give it to you unless you go with me to the bending machine" you raise your voice to him and say " just give it back" "you want to die? aish... " he giggles and says, " if you want the pouch , you just have to trust me and follow me" you yell "Fine! " you get up mad and follow him you get to the bending machines and wait for him on a bench tapping your foot letting him know that you're totally pissed at him for not giving you back your pouch and making you walk to the bending machine just because of a pouch of pens. You both start walking back to the library and he asks you " why didn't you come to class? the teacher picked the groups for the project and luckly I'm with you" you give him an annoyed face and say "great now I'm stuck with you, ugh great way to start the day" he laughs and pushes you with his arm lightly "come on I'm not that annoying or am I? " you laugh sarcastically and say "you think so? " with your annoyed face you get to your spot and sit down chanyeol hands out your pouch back, he smiles and starts studying with you. after a little you see him a little impatient and you ask "what? " he takes something out of his bag and says I bought this for you when we went to the bending machine but I didn't know how to give it to you. you smile and giggle and he looks at you, when suddenly..
he reaches out his hand to touch your face you become a solid rock and cannot move at all you look at him with eyes wide open.
he scares the living out you start to tremble and your heart to pound a hundred beats per second he says "I can't take it anymore! " he stands up and ...
grabs your hand and pulls you to somewhere, you feel your legs getting weak and a million things start to pass through your mind, all the things that he's been doing for you all the jokes and pranks he makes you go through all the times he's been searching for you...
he takes you behind a bookshelf and lightly pushes you into the shelf with his both hands firmly on your arms....
he takes a big breath and...
heads for a soft Kiss on your lips showing you that he can't take it anymore and he just wants to show you how much he likes you.. I hope you all enjoyed kekeke ~ a mini story!
Aww I love it
@Izzy987 I found these on Google lol saved them on my phone search for chanyeol as a boyfriend gifs and you'll find them
Will do.
@KpopQueenaBee that's weird well if you see it shoot me a message with the link (; I would love to read that story from that person ^^
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