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I really don't know why anyone in their right mind would need this, but alas, it exists.

And so, I naturally had to share it with you XD
This mouse pad is in addition to the usual pillows that are released, but I thought this was the real standout piece of merchandise that's available from And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

Here's some adorable Ako art to make up for the weirdness.

She's still cute, even if she's also part of a super weird mouse pad that I'm sure at least one of you wants XD Admit it!!!!!!
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@KimmieSama again PERVERT
a year ago·Reply
@Colonellinguis EW NO PERVERT
a year ago·Reply
her left nipple is missing
a year ago·Reply
Oh gosh. you've never had a mouse pad with something to cushion your wrist before? those are Comfy.
a year ago·Reply
What anime is this again? I forgot. @hikaymm
a year ago·Reply