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new member : Hongseop

new memeber : Changsun

Jinhong ( not new member) so who is not going to be with 24k from our last boys? uhhhhhh this always happens.

Daeil and sungoh will no longer be with 24k sadly due to a few scandals. 24k has now released all teaser photo's with all 7 members including two new members to replace two leaving members.. I'm sad guys! but still the comeback should be awesome!
Why is sungoh leaving? Is it because he enlisted in the army
Niooooo they were going to be my favorite tooooooooo fml 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
銋犮厾銋犮厾 but I guess if they're happy then that's ok:)
@Miichi I mean Daeil is too good a performer, he can't just quit the industry... and maybe Sungoh will come back when he has finished his time in the army (he just enlisted)
@MattK95 .. I know =/ I have been looking more into it, seams sungoh had a injury and daeil opted to leave by choice. hopefully they will comeback or keep going
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