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new member : Hongseop

new memeber : Changsun

Jinhong ( not new member) so who is not going to be with 24k from our last boys? uhhhhhh this always happens.

Daeil and sungoh will no longer be with 24k sadly due to a few scandals. 24k has now released all teaser photo's with all 7 members including two new members to replace two leaving members.. I'm sad guys! but still the comeback should be awesome!
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@Miichi I've been with them since they debuted, this whole situation just hurst.. 2016 is turning into a pretty crappy year for disbandments and lineup changes...
Byungho was the one that had a secret marriage, Daeil did too?
@AimeeH at this point everything is just a rumor. nothing official =/
@AimeeH except that those two won't be in the group for now
@Miichi sorry I'm just confused, it sucks but I wish Daeil & Sungoh the best! I'll still stand by them, and accept the 2 newest members. See in their Malaysia tour they did, Changsun was seen with them on stage. I am so glad they finally announced him.