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Tamaki Suho
Why because this man is my anime husband. Just as Key is my UB, Tamaki would be my anime UB. I'm very loyal even though I may have wondering eyes, but if you were to group these two in a selection of anime men or Asian males I would always pick them first without hesitation.
Because my Goth side needed a dark prince. He would be my anime lover, I mean it's Bassy!!! How can you not fall in love with this man! He has to be one of the most beautiful anime character's ever created!! I love the creator of Black Butler for creating this beautiful piece of art!!! Ugh I do love Bassy...And I love cosplay, but my favorite cosplay is Black Butler I see a Bassy or a Grell and instant fan girl!!! I mean I am a goth at heart always will be...
Seriously there was just something about this anime, I swear it was like deja vu, I watched one of the episodes where they were on the track in front of the football field. And it was way before I even knew about this anime...But I fell in love with Naru I have a thing for the troubled dark sexy guys
I also have a thing for silver or white haired boys and although I love the Japanese voice actor too. The English dub, his voice is so relaxing to me that it makes me want to sleep. I love it, and this character is just kissable, I mean it's Yashiro Isana after all!!!
OMG TOMOE!!!! This is one anime character that I would just die to kiss! He is so beautiful and such an ass. I love him. Plus he has fox ears can just adore those for a moment!!! I don't know why I love fox or cat ears on my anime guys but ahh it's adorable...I love them on my favorite Asian idols too...yes I have issues
YATO!!! what can I say he's just too kissable. And what I fell in love with first was his eyes, I just love his eyes and how they express the beautiful blue color!!! He's also like Tamaki and Tomoe rolled into one because he's a supernatural being, and his humor
How many people can say, they wanted Zero to get the girl? I'm sorry I'm bias I guess. I kept seeing cosplay of this character and didn't know what anime or manga it was from and when I found out I died...I was so taken with him I just ugh I wanted to kiss and hold him. I wanted to take care of him.
Rei, I have a thing for the bad boys whose cold hearts are melted by the female leads....hopeless romantic fyi :) But seriously isn't he just sexy enough to kiss constantly?
I love long hair anime guys, okay I love anime guys no matter what! I love Kuroh Yatogami I love watching him when he has to use his sword. I love sword play, and I love his loyalty after he befriends Yashiro Isana.
I fell in love with this one, so much I even downloaded the game hahaha...yeah... Isn't he pretty
If ya haven't noticed my theme are the pretty anime boys, who are troubled and have cold hearts for the most part. Other than Tamaki he doesn't suffer from a cold heart but still there's a sadness to him. And Yato isn't cold, but he has sadness to him. I think it's mostly because I am the protective and caring type of person is why I'm drawn to these personalities. Even in real life I'm the same way.
Thanks for tagging me, this was kinda hard for me since there are so many to choose from. But it was fun @biancadanica98
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I'm glad you had fun, we have a couple of the same choices. I was going to choose Tamaki too but I just couldn't.
I love this list!!! You have good taste in men hahah :D
aww thank you :) @RaquelArredondo
@SymoneBelcher YAAASSS Shin at the end tho!! BYOUTIFUL