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As we all know the up coming Rio Olympics is gonna be lit! So I thought why not create our own Olympic Teams in Honor of this occasion. Track & Field - 4 person relay team(2 boys/girls) Swimming - 1 boy + 1 girl Soccer - 2 boys + 2 girls. Martial Arts - 2 boys + 2 girls Archery - 2 boys + 2 girls
My track team consists of Minhyuk, Jungkook, Goo Hara, and Hyoyeon.
My swim team is Rain and of course you can't have a swimming competition without UEE.
My die hard soccer squad: Dongjun, Leo, Park Bin, and Jessica.
My Karate kids: Jackson, Tao , LE, and Amber.
My Shooting Stars: Moonbyul, Bora, Sungjae, and Thunder.
As for me I'll be rooting for the best place on earth, Team Jamaica!!! I wanna know who you guys are rooting for! What's your dream team lineup? P.S. - If you ever wanna be tagged in any of my cards just drop a "thumbs up" in the comments. P. S. S - If you make a card tag me in it. :)
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