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Who do you guys think it is??馃馃槙
So I don't know if you saw, but... Just a bit after I commented Rovix posted that it is just Leo and N in the picture.馃槕 Dang Jelpi and their
I have been looking at this picture all day trying to figure it out.. Lol
Wow that's a good observation 馃憤馃憤馃憤
I think it's 4 of the members. I don't know why, but it looks like Hongbin,Ravi or Hyuk, Ken, and Leo. Here's why... We don't know when the pictures were taken. They could have taken all the pictures during Dynamite, and just wait until each comeback to release them. So I think the hair and eyebrow are Hongbin( he had those really short bangs... Poor Bean). The hand just has to be Leo.. Lol... Plus his hand was covered in Dynamite.( and N had a green eye on his hand, the same color as his contacts lenses...In the teaser picture the eye is blue, the same color as Leo's contact lenses). The middle one looks like Ravi or Hyuk because of the nose. (In my opinion I think it's Ravi) Also if you look really close to the ear you can see a hoop earring like the ones he wears. And obviously the last one is Ken because of his lips. 馃槉 I know I only named 4 but I really can't see the other 2 members unless Jelpi just took one thing and put it one the picture. In that case this could be... Hongbin's hair, N's eyebrow, Leo's hand, Hyuk's nose and part of his upper lip, Ravi's ear, and Ken's lips, Sorry for making this so long
Yup I just saw lol 馃槣