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↝ Hello Babies ♡ QUEENY here. Our beautiful @StefaniTre is a little under the weather so I am filling in for her. This card was late, but alas, it's here.

Bebe, the CandY Mod Squad, Babyz Squad, Vixxens loves you! Hope you get to feeling better ♡

As you can see, I have been covering my favorite moments of the Gene's, so this will be my favorite Baby Ghostie moments.

See. . you see that, Casper will make you regret playing arm wrestle. And smile while you struggle. Don't, Don't ever challenge him.

↝ Pretty sure as soon as he smiled at me though, I'd volunteer that loss.

↝ HIM being extra with the goof troop ♡

↝ Being Manchildren with The fearless Leader ShinBug

↝ Competing with the amazon. . Which is unfair, Poor Casper has a shorter wing span than The 6 ft1 Tree.

↝ Have fun dying all you Casper Stans. .

↝ His beautiful Smile

↝ Cas is an EXO fanboy ♡ He learned the dance to GROWL

↝ Cas And Jacks are bffers.

↝ He silently judges Yongseokie for singing in "mandarin"

❦ CandY Mod Squad ❦

☆ CandY Babies ❦