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My fav Thai rock band, sadly the group disbanded a few years ago, this was their "Last Song" together... Some of the lyrics: From the bottom of my heart I give you this song to make your own I wrote this from my heart and I give it to you I only wish to express to you my love through this last song My love, love, I love you with all my heart And as of this moment though I must say good bye I will still love and care for you like this forever Even if this song will be the last song I have left
my first time too... it's good.. nice to the ear and the voice is awesome
Omg, I love this song so much. I'm so glad you introduced me to it, even if this was the last.
@Aero2042 ...oh im not surprise, thai music is not as well received and main stream like kpop...check out the other thai song i posted by bodyslam one of my other fav rock band.
Nice~ I've never heard Thai music before, but I really like this. Thanks for sharing :)