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For as long as I have listened to K-Pop and watched KDramas there has been on 1 man who had the spot of my ultimate bias. For a year and a half, even though there have been many biases there as truly been only one.
So who is he???
Swipe to find out...
Somehow this beautiful creature stole my heart. Lee Min Ho is my first KDrama actor I saw so then I saw Boys Over Flowers and I fell in love with Yoon Ji Hoo. I so badly wanted him to be with the female lead even today I refuse to accept the fact that he didn't get the girl. A couple of months ago I restarted watching this drama but I only saw a few episodes because it constantly breaks my heart seeing him so in love with her but getting no where.
Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 is where it all started. I found out he was also a singer! I fell in love with his song Kiss Kiss. I had it on repeat all day, everyday. Then I found out that he was the leader of a boy group, SS501 and I immediately loved them. Their music and tranformation from their debut as a group to their work as soloists really grabbed my attention and I loved everything they did.
Seeing Kim Hyun Joong play different kinds of characters like the ones above really caught my eye. He was definitely different from what I expected. I expected him to continue playing the flower boy but that changed when I saw Inspiring Generation. I definitely loved him so much more. I am even listening to his song from the Inspiring Generation OST as I am making this card. I think I may binge watch that drama again...
No matter how good or bad my day is there is always one thing I can count on... Seeing his smile can defintely put one on my face. I think he has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.
Here are some of his videos that will stick with me no matter what. There are some doubled because of lyrics or I just like the song too much.
I know he has been in the media for some, let's say, poor choices he has made but to be honest that has to do with his personal life and should not be open to the media or public. I am merely his fan and have no right to judge based on what the media says, since I don't know what he does behind closed doors, it is none of my business to begin with. No matter what happens I will always support his decisions. If it wasn't for Kim Hyun Joong I may not have even had much interest in K-Pop. Despite having a lot of biases, this man will always have a big spot in my heart and will always have my love.

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He is the one that got me more involved in kdramas.
best singer!
LOL the pic in the beginning made me laugh so hard
I'd almost forgotten how much I love him. His music is great, his acting is phenomenal. A solid UB!