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Genre(s): Angst, Romance, Time Travel AU, Tragedy, Character Death
Pairing: Reader X Jimin (Maybe)
Length: I actually tried to look up the word count but I do not know how to work my own laptop XP
Chapters: Prologue/?
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix a mistake but things don't turn out the way she planned...
A/N: Okay, I don't even know why I decided to do a time thing because my memory is absolute shit but I'm giving this a try and if things somehow don't line up right, please tell me so I can fix it! I'm not one of those writers that are awesome enough to leave a clue in the beginning and wait until all of the readers forget about it before bringing it back later or something so don't expect any of those awesome scenes where everything suspicious falls together and stuff. Okay okay, I'll start writing now...


" I can't believe you..."

" Were you up all night again?" Namjoon had walked in, shaking his head. " This isn't good for you, you know? Just accept that he's go-"

" Don't!" He had gone too far. " Don't say it."

" Y/N." His voice was softer this time but I put my mind to this and no one was going to stop me. " Don't put yourself throught this."

" J-Jimin! It's not what it looks like!" The image of him backing away from me, like he couldn't even stand to be near me anymore. I would never forget it.

" I let him down. He never knew. " It was surprising that I could still get a few tears out, considering I thought I had run out of tears a long time ago.

" Please! Let me explain!" He'd turned around, I knew he wanted to hide his tears. To run away from me.

" How could you?!" He suddenly screamed, whipping around to face me. His cheeks streaked with tears.

" I'm trying to fix this, Namjoon. Either you help me or you leave me alone to figure this out."

" Y/N..."

" Are you going to help me or not?! If you're not then get out!" I screamed.

" I-I-I-" He had given me a chance to speak, I had panicked and gone stiff with no answer.

" That's what I thought." He snapped bitterly, turning around and walking away.

" Wait Jimin!"

" This is such a stupid's been four years!"

" I don't care how long it's been! I'm going to fix this and make things right!"

I had seen it before he had. I had called after him but he hadn't listened. He had noticed too late, that the truck had been obviously speeding and he didn't have enough time to move. In that moment, I had lost everything. Jimin was my everything and now he was gone. And it was all my fault.

" Y/N! Look at yourself! Would he even want to see you looking like that?!" He had a point. I looked like death. I couldn't let Jimin see me like this, ever. He always hated seeing me upset. If he saw me now... What would he think of me?

" You're right. But I'm not going to give up. He left this world because I made him. He's gone because of me! Do you know how much guilt I've held in all these years? Do you, Namjoon?!"

" Jimin!" His body, the body I had held so many times before, the body that had pressed against me through love and comfort. This body, once strong and comfortable, had now felt beaten and lifeless.

" Jimin! Jimin!" He beautiful face, his once flawless skin, was now bruised and broken with shards of glass slicing through his perfect skin.

" Y-Y/N..." His voice, the voice I could spend an eternity listening to, the voice that comforted me through my worst time, now sounded ragged and broken. Not at all like my Jimin.

" Alright! Alright!" He yelled, trying to calm me down. " This is the stupidest thing I've ever agreed to and I'm so going to regret this later..."

" Get to the point, Namjoon. I don't have time for this. Are you in or out?"

" Jimin! Please don't do this! Don't leave me!" But no matter how hard I tried to shake him awake, no matter how many times I screamed his name until my throat grew raw, and no matter how many pieces I felt my heart shatter into, I knew that I had already lost what once completed my whole world.

When the doctors came out with that face, the face that told me things that I didn't want to hear. I knew. They said they couldn't save him.

I don't remember how long I cried. How many days of no food or sleep. All I knew was that I missed Jimin. My Jimin.

It was all my fault. Jimin was gone because of me. And he never knew how much I really loved him.

" I'm in."

A/N: So, this was supposed to be a one-shot but oops it became a series! I plan to make this some angsty ass shit so y'all better prepare yourselves. I teared up writing this, man.


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