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NEWS!!!! for our★TOP community 3rd Party★ ☆"JUST TOP" EVENT!!!!☆

Please join us!!!! for this 4 days events starting ▷▶Thursday 8-4 to Sunday 8-7◀◁

Day 1 (8-4)

Music Night : Music related to TOP

Day 2 (8-5)

Movie & Drama Night: Movie or Drama related to TOP

Day 3 (8-6)

Dance Night: Dance related to TOP

Day 4 (8-7)

Mix & Match Party: Anything related to Mr Choi!!!!

I will be expecting lots of WORKsss from (@KwonOfAKind) me your "LOVE"....or else....I will be scratching my butt forever!!!
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Just how many times...I have to see "YOU KWONNIE"!!!
@lovetop how many times......well only as much as you want so....basically.. ALL💃💃 THE😆😆 TIME 😎😎
all of them???