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Hello everyone! I am back and caught up on missed Vingle messages. Wow I had so much fun over there! I was so glad to meet the wonderful and absolutely lovely @Helixx!! We each will be making separate cards of our journey. I have posted most of my photos on my Instagram and thru twitter. Or if you followed us on snapchat you saw how many photos we really took.
I will be posting all my BTOB Fairy cards in one card, whether that is today or tomorrow I haven't decided that just yet.

Looks like everyone who was there enjoyed their time and we met lots of other Vinglers as well!!!!

Just as expected of our idols, they were all so amazing to see live! SO AMAZING!! I am still catching up on sleep from all the fun escapades me and @helixx had. From the escape room one night to the Big Bang Movie the next night. Aboard the Queen Mary and seeing creepy ghost stuffs. I'm truly surprised we fit ALL of that plus 3 days of convention into 5 DAYS TOTAL!!
We are already planning for next year and saving. Got big things in store!
VIXXEN squad:
@Helixx @LemonLassie You guys i didnt meant Now, its just an expression that i want to see them and that i cant wait. omg πŸ˜‚
@BBxGD exactly what @Helixx said. I have 8 or 9 btob fairy cards to post first before i can share the kcon cards. but like i also said i posted everything but videos on insta and twitter
We did so much, its a wonder we survived. @lovetop Believe me, if I could have touch Chim's thighs I would have. @BBxGD I'm trying so hard to catch up on my regular cards. Then the KCON cards will follow.
@LemonLassie Sure @Helixx can work wonder with cute Bias!!!!... and just if only she could also grab Jimin's thighs....for me...😍😍😍😍
@lovetop so much fun!!!! And @Helixx has no shame walking up to cute asian asking for a photo
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