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Hey everyone!

How are you?

I have officially started college so I'm busy…SUPER busy. I am so tired and I seem to be losing weight, which is a good thing, but… I don't think its good when the cause is stress…
I am working on my fanfic stories a little at a time and whenever I have the chance. I work and I'm going to start looking for classes in bartending and get my liquor license. I'm moving as well so I'm busy with packing. I'mma be closer to some of my members from K-Monsta squad.


I don't know how often I will be on here, or how often I'll make cards but just know I'll be stalking at times, I'll be a ninja on here. If you wish to talk to me, be friends, ask questions you can either follow me or message me.
Wattled- MyAlpha15
Line- myhwolf15
Instagram- myalphapack
~Don't be shy~ ^^
If you do decide to message me, all I ask is you be respectful please and thank you ~
Oh one more thing…

Which story do you want first?

1) - A Darker Truth (Jimin)
2)- Fate (JB)
3)- Unrequited Romance (Taecyeon & JB)
4)- Who's the Monster (Namjoon)
5)- Like a Ghost (Taehyung)
6)- Toxic Rose (Yoongi)
Depending how many votes on gets, thats the story/ chapter I'll finish first.

Until Next Time~

~Alien out!

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Fate, please?
Fate please
Yay!! part of the pack 😆 I want to read fate first.
@lilbr0wneyes Yup! It's so interesting!
@KpopGaby I had the same problem I want to read all of them
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