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Well these just did me in.
I.M, my second biggest weakness, my bias wrecker, my tied for first in Monsta X
I swear when the mv for Stuck comes out that will be the death of me. I'm so excited but I just can't handle them!
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@PrettieeEmm I know right?! It was torture waiting for them to release I.M's! But he/they did not disappoint.💖💖
I.M is in my top three from Monsta X. I know I'm being greedy 😀
@MelissaGarza Girl you're not the only one! Haha my top 3 are Wonho, I.M and Kihyun
@xoxorittie My top three are Shownu, Minhyuk and I.M 💓
@MelissaGarza Shownu bby! 💖 I love them all so much